Alicia’s Vengeance by Lila Fox

Chapter Two


“Fuck, he’s probably already upstairs with K,” Stone said.

“This can’t wait until morning, man,” Taz said.

“Then go get him.” Stone didn’t release the kid until the door was closed, and Gunner stood in front of it. Stone crossed his arms, rested back against the wall, and stared at the kid. “Take off your fucking hood.”

The kid shook his head.

“If you don’t do it, I will, you little shit.”

“Fuck off and let me go.”

Stone sighed. “That’s not going to happen until we know what’s going on.” He turned when the door opened and Taz, Striker, and Feral, the vice prez, walked in.

“What the fuck is so important that I had to leave my woman’s body?” Striker asked.

Stone explained what happened at the club.

“Shit,” Feral said. “You’re a tough little guy.”

“Take the hood off,” Striker said.

If anything, the kid tightened his grip on the front of it.

Stone rolled his eyes and walked over. It took very little effort to have the sweatshirt unzipped and on the floor.

The problem they faced was it wasn’t a kid after all, but a young beautiful woman.

“What the fuck?” Stone yelled.

She was about the size of a twelve-year-old guy, but she was clearly a woman with the hips and breasts he saw under her baggy clothes. She had long, blonde hair pulled back into a tight braid, and it laid over one of her shoulders and her eyes were the bluest he’d ever seen.

It didn’t hit him for a moment, and he looked around at the guys to see they were all shocked.

“What’s your name?” Stone asked.

The woman looked at them wearily and backed herself into a corner. “I don’t have to tell you shit.”

Something was bothering him, and for the life of him, he couldn’t figure it out. “You’re not leaving until we have all our questions answered.”

She pressed her fingers into her eyes before her shoulders went back, and she looked straight at him. “Alicia.”

Stone nodded. “You better be telling us the truth. My name is Stone, and those two are the prez and vice prez of the club, Striker and Feral. The other two are Gunner and Taz.”

She nodded.

“Now tell us why you attacked one of the Demons.” He waited for a moment. “You know you killed the guy, right?”

“Good, I want every one of them wiped off the face of the earth.”

Stone’s eyes widened. “You personally want to kill them all?”


“You know they’ll kill you if they catch you.”

She nodded. “I know. I expect to die soon, but until then, I’ll kill as many as I can.”

“They’ll fucking torture you, woman,” Feral said.

“I’m prepared for it.”

“How?” Striker asked.

She pulled a knife from her pocket and demonstrated cutting her wrists.

Stone wiped a hand down his face. The thought of her dying raced through him, making him want to howl. “Why?” he asked her.

“They tortured and killed my sister, that’s why. They dumped her on my front lawn like she was garbage. I thought she was at work at the mall. When she was late getting home, I tried calling her several times. I’ve no idea how they got her.”

Alicia turned her head away from them, and Stone could tell she was fighting her emotions.

She started talking again when she turned back. “The medical examiner stated in his report how much they tortured her before she died.”

Striker cursed. “They’re all psycho fuckers.”

“How do I know you’re not going to do that to me?” she asked.

Stone snorted. “Do we look like deranged men?”

“Taz does,” Gunner said and got hit in the shoulder.

“You’re a fuckhead,” Taz said.

“Children, let’s pay attention,” Striker said.

Stone watched the emotions on Alicia’s face. They had gotten her to smile, and it was the sweetest thing he’d ever seen.

“Where do you live right now?” he asked her.

“I go from place to place. I’m afraid to stay in one place. I don’t think they know I’m the one causing them trouble, but I’m not taking chances.”

“What else have you done besides kill one of them?” Feral asked.

“That’s actually my second one. The first one I ran over with a car.”

Every man in the room was shocked.

How was this sweet little woman able to take out other people, no matter how bad they were?

“Is that all?” Stone asked.

“No, I’ve stolen from them several times and pushed over their bikes whenever I can. I’ve spray-painted a few of them. I’ve been able to put sugar in a few of the gas tanks, and I’ve set little fires around their building.”

“Jesus, woman, I’m surprised they don’t have people watching to try to catch you,” Striker said.

“They have a few times, but I’m careful.”

“You really want to fucking die?” Stone asked.

“She was the only family I had, and they took her from me. I’ve got nothing else to live for.”

“That’s bullshit,” Stone said.

She shrugged. “I don’t care what you think. Now, can I go?”

Stone and Striker both shook their heads.

“No, you’ll stay with us. We’ll protect you and help you deal with those bastards,” Striker said.

“I don’t want help.”

“Well, guess what? You don’t have a choice. They’ve fucked with us in the past.” Stone turned to Striker. “She’ll be with me. She’s about ready to drop. Can we discuss this more tomorrow?”

Striker nodded. “Good luck,” he said and smirked. “I’d take the knife away from her if I were you.”

Stone snorted and started for her. She shrieked and then tried to run around him, but he caught her easily and threw her over his shoulder. His hand came down on her ass. “I’m warning you, woman, you cut me, and I’ll beat your ass.”

Gunner opened the door for him.

“I’ll see you guys in the morning.” Stone ignored the looks he got when he walked through the main room toward the stairs. He smacked her ass a few times when she started beating on his back.

“Settle down.”

“Fuck you.”

He grinned. He walked into his room, turned, and bolted the door before he set her down. The first thing he did was take her knife and then frisk her quickly to see if she had any other weapons. He was shocked when he found three more knives.

He set them on the top shelf of his closet where she wouldn’t easily be able to get to them. “Do you want to shower?” He could see how grimy she was and guessed she had to be uncomfortable.

“Yes. It’s been several days.”

He grabbed one of his shirts and a few towels. “Come on. I’ll show you where the bathroom is.”

He unbolted the door, ready to catch her if she ran, but she stayed docile. “Here it is. There are shampoos, conditioners, and soaps already in the shower. There are combs and a hair dryer in one of the drawers you can use. I’ll leave you alone, but I’m warning you, I’ll be right outside the door, so don’t think you have a chance to get away.”

He could see the fatigue in her eyes and guessed she probably didn’t have much fight left inside of her at the moment, but he wasn’t letting his guard down.