Witchin Warlock by Charity Parkerson

Chapter Four

in the clouds. He knew he should pay closer attention to his client, but it was hard, so hard with Brock nearby. His tiny shop seemed hotter and smaller than usual. Caspian fought the urge to scream for Clara to leave so he could properly fuck the man who owned one hundred percent of Caspian’s thoughts.

“So I started seeing someone from work.”

Caspian hummed. He already knew, since he’d drunk his potion already today, Clara still wasn’t seeing the right person from work.

“I really think she’s the one.”

“She’s not the one.”

Clara’s shoulders fell at Caspian’s claim. “Really? Naomi is great. She’s fun and energetic.”

“Naomi Gray?” Brock asked from his spot by the door.

Clara turned in her seat. “Yeah. You know her too?”

Brock nodded. “She’s sleeping with Susan and Geoff Tolbert behind each of their backs. It’s actually been pretty crazy to watch for the past year.”

“Seriously? Fuck. Why am I having such a tough time finding the right person?”

Probably because she had bad taste, but Caspian couldn’t say that. “You need to open your mind to someone who might not be that exciting but who will treat you like a queen.”

Clara nodded, looking thoughtful. “Okay. I’ll think about it. Same time next week?”

Caspian smiled. “You’re already on my calendar.” They said their goodbyes while Caspian barely held on to his patience. Even after five months of dating, Caspian never got enough of spending time with Brock. Brock had moved in with Caspian six weeks ago, and even so, Caspian wanted to quit his job to live like a mole stuck to Brock’s back. He had never been this addicted to anyone. Brock was a sickness.

Brock waited until they were alone to focus a knowing smile on Caspian. “Jesus. She’s really going to date the entire town before she gets to poor Scott.”

Caspian snorted. “It’s job security for me, so whatever. Do you have another case for me?”

Brock nodded. “I have a case of missing you with a huge side of being completely and sickeningly in love with you.”

“Same,” Caspian admitted, even as a part of him hid in fear. As much as he couldn’t live without Brock, there was still a part of him hiding and Caspian hated it. Margo had said he would know when he had met the one, because his soulmate would accept him. He wasn’t so sure Brock would accept that Caspian could do way more than simply see into the future.

Brock overcame him and kissed him. Caspian clung to the suit that perfectly molded Brock’s body. Brock’s lips moved from Caspian’s mouth to his ear. He licked. “You should do it just this one time.”

“Do what?” Even to Caspian’s ears, he sounded breathless.

“You should look into your future and prove to yourself that I’m your soulmate.”

With his earlier potion still running through his veins, Brock’s words conjured a vision with no permission from Caspian. He saw Brock and him together. They were laughing. Wedding rings adorned their fingers as they kissed.

Stop conjuring plants. I’m the one who gets stuck watering them.”

I can’t help it. My magic needs somewhere to go.”

A gasp tore from Caspian. They were soulmates. Not only were they destined to marry, but Brock would also accept his magic and keep his secrets.

Brock’s eyes danced with laughter. “I’m right, aren’t I?”


Brock’s smile faltered at the open shock in Caspian’s voice. “Why do you sound like that? Aren’t you happy being with me?”

At the hurt in Brock’s voice, Caspian scrambled to set aside his surprise. He could muse over his vision later. Right now, the love of his life needed his reassurance. “Of course I’m happy with you. That’s not what caught me off guard. We were married. I never dreamed you’d get up off your ass and propose.”

A laugh burst from Brock. “Why do I have to be the one to propose? You’re perfectly capable of asking.”

Caspian’s cheeks hurt from smiling. He had never been happier in his life. “Fine. You should marry me.”

Brock snorted. “That’s not a proposal.” He unbuttoned his jacket and reached inside the inner pocket. As Brock came out with a ring, he dropped to one knee. “This is a proposal. Caspian Moonchild, will you marry me?”

Even as Caspian nodded in shock, he wondered what in the hell had happened to his life. Five short months ago, he had vowed to steer clear of any law enforcement. Now, he just agreed to marry an agent. Not only that, but he also couldn’t wait to tie himself to this amazing man.

Brock kissed him. Things turned heated faster than usual. Caspian already had plans to lock the door and celebrate with a little multiple orgasms spell he had come to rely on a tad too much. Brock’s cellphone rang, interrupting them. With a growl, Brock pulled away and answered.

“Special Agent Brock Wray.” His gaze moved to Caspian. He held Caspian’s stare. “Yeah. I’m on my way.” He stuffed his phone back inside his pocket. “Are you interested in a man-sized dog who walks on two legs and is eating everyone’s cattle?”

Fuck. A werewolf. “Sure. I’ve got time.”

With a smile, Brock pulled Caspian to his feet. “It’s probably just a coyote or some other wild dog, but the strange and unusual is your specialty. Plus, it gives me an excuse to spend the day with you.”

Caspian was all in. He would always accept any case that allowed him to steal more time with Brock. Plus, someone had to keep his man safe. No one watched Brock’s backside more thoroughly than Caspian. Caspian had seen their future, and it was beautiful. He would happily fight a werewolf for a shot at that life. There was nothing Caspian wouldn’t do for Brock. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for their love.

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