Witchin Warlock by Charity Parkerson

Chapter Three

pacing the floor. He had gotten lucky with his last-second spell to behead that zombie. It looked to be a fairly recent turn, so—likely—in autopsy, he would just look like a crazy cannibal. Caspian couldn’t keep taking risks. He had to live in this town. Caspian didn’t want to end up back in New Orleans because he couldn’t be himself anywhere else. He liked this weird little town filled with cheating spouses and hopeless romantics. Caspian stopped pacing. He liked Brock. It was time he stopped pretending he didn’t. Caspian didn’t know where to go with that. Margo would likely turn over in her grave.

A knock landed on the door, pulling Caspian from his musings. Caspian answered. Brock stood on the other side. His jacket was gone, and his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. He looked tired. For a moment, they simply stared at each other.


A smile pulled at the corners of Caspian’s mouth. “Hi.”

Brock shuffled from foot to foot, looking adorably nervous. “So, are you ready to bob for apples and eat kettle corn?”

“Not really.” But he would if that was what it took to spend more time with Brock.

“Thank god. One headless guy a day is enough for me,” Brock said, stepping over the threshold and shocking Caspian.

Caspian’s house was warded against intrusion. No one could come inside without invitation, which meant one thing. This house was meant to be Brock’s house too. Caspian didn’t have time to reel with that discovery. Brock kicked the door closed behind him and overcame Caspian. Their mouths met, and they immediately tore at each other’s clothes. All the times Caspian had growled and scowled at Brock rose to the surface, revealing Caspian’s irritation for what it was: unwanted lust. He wasn’t supposed to feel this way about any authority figure. Caspian didn’t want to fall for someone he would have to keep his magic hidden from for the rest of his life. That’s why his kind almost always stuck with their own. He had too many potions and natural abilities he would have to keep secret. Caspian didn’t want to want this. His body and heart didn’t care about any amount of logic. He was on fire.

“Where’s your bedroom?” Brock asked between kisses.

Caspian took Brock’s hand and led him toward the bedroom. Brock didn’t make small talk. He simply towed Caspian into his arms and took him down onto the bed the moment they were close enough to do so. Brock’s hands were everywhere. Despite his best efforts not to use his magic, Caspian used a little umph to help undress Brock a bit faster.

Brock kissed his way down Caspian’s body. “Where do you keep your condoms?”

Caspian’s mind froze. “Um. I don’t have any.”

Brock’s head lifted. Their gazes met. “You don’t?”

Caspian shook his head. Not only was he impervious to diseases, but Caspian also didn’t sleep around. “No.” He tried to explain. Even to his ears, he sounded uncomfortable. “Yeah, I don’t… I mean, there’s no one.”

Brock nodded, as if he understood. He rolled away. Disappointment washed over Caspian. It was hard being different from everyone else. He liked not having competition here, but it was lonely being the only warlock for hundreds of miles.

Brock picked his jeans up off the floor. Defeat weighed heavily on Caspian’s chest. Brock found his wallet and dug out a condom and a tiny sample-sized lube. A bright smile lit Brock’s face. “Thank god. It’s been so long; I couldn’t remember if I had anything in my wallet.”

Relief took Caspian’s breath. Brock wasn’t leaving. He crawled between Caspian’s thighs and stared down at Caspian. “You’re gorgeous. I could stare at you all day.”

Caspian fought an unexpected blush. “Thank you. The feeling is mutual.” He really could. Brock was one of those guys who was always perfectly put together. His hair was always styled, and his clothes always matched. He had a polish Caspian could never achieve. Caspian always wanted to touch him. He smelled nice too.

Brock slowly lowered his head.

Caspian watched him until the very last second. His eyes didn’t close until their lips met. The muscles in his stomach clenched. His heart swelled with emotion. He didn’t want this to be a one-night stand. Brock ran his hand down Caspian’s torso, shaping every inch of Caspian, as if he had wanted to do so for a long time. A sharp pain took Caspian’s breath when Brock nipped at his bottom lip. Then, in a flash, Caspian found himself on his stomach and clinging to the headboard while Brock kissed and bit a path down his body. He heard plastic crinkle as teeth sank into his ass cheek. Caspian’s spine bowed. His skin burned.

Brock dragged Caspian’s hips back and up until Caspian was on his knees. Wet fingers probed his asshole, stretching him. Moans vibrated in Caspian’s throat. Then the blunt, wide head of Brock’s cock pressed against the tight ring of muscles surrounding Caspian’s asshole. Caspian fought the urge to beg. Brock thrust. A cry tore from Caspian’s lips at the sudden intrusion.

“Fuck. I’m sorry. Damn. You feel good.” Brock held still, giving Caspian time to adjust. “I’m sorry,” he said again, but his hips rolled, belying his words.

Caspian clung to the headboard as Brock thrust again. He hit right where Caspian wanted him. A moan escaped him. Caspian squeezed his eyes closed and fought the magic inside him that wanted to rise to the surface. Cries that were out of his control reverberated from the walls as Brock slammed inside him over and over again. His dick leaked onto the mattress. Caspian’s skin felt too tight. Pressure built, drawing his balls up as the spring inside him wound tighter. Caspian bit into his pillow. Electricity popped and crackled around his hands. He knew without looking there would a slight blue glow emanating from his palms. To give his powers an outlet, Caspian muttered an ancient spell beneath his breath, adding to the pleasure of their coupling.

Brock made a strangled sound.

Ecstasy tore through Caspian. Cum shot from his cock, soaking the blankets beneath him. Caspian openly humped the air, taking what he wanted from Brock’s dick.

Brock’s thrusts turned almost violent as he came. Indecipherable words came out in gasps from Brock’s lips. His fingers dug into Caspian’s skin with enough force to leave bruises. All Caspian knew was euphoria. Wave after wave of tiny deaths took him. He gasped his way through the multiple orgasms his spell created. Later, he would pat himself on the back for the earthquake-worthy orgasm he knew Brock experienced. Brock would never have another orgasm without thinking of him. Right now, Caspian couldn’t think at all. The moment owned him. They collapsed into a heap of sweaty limbs. Brock placed light kisses on Caspian’s ear—like he couldn’t stop silently praising him.

“Wow. Goddamn. That was. You are. Goddamn. I’m shook.”

A chuckle escaped Caspian. He couldn’t stop it from happening. In all his years, he had never been happier than he was in that moment with a rambling Brock sweating all over him. He never wanted the night to end.

With darkness surrounding them, Brock held Caspian. He couldn’t stop petting and kissing him. Never in all his thirty-six years had he experienced anything like sex with Caspian. His orgasm had been so intense, he swore he came several times and lost sight in one eye for a minute. In one encounter, Brock knew it was over for him. Well, honestly, before they had sex, Brock had already known he had met the one. But after sex, Caspian might have to physically toss him out if he wanted to rid himself of Brock. In his mind, Brock had already moved in, and they were six months into a forever marriage. This was the one for him. There was no going back.

“How did things go after I left?”

Brock stroked Caspian’s stomach and kissed the shell of his ear one more time because he couldn’t stop. “Uneventful. We didn’t find Frank, but we found his blood and other chunks of him around the mill. There’s little doubt he’s dead, as you said. It looks like he just had an unfortunate encounter with a crazy transient. I don’t think anyone else is in danger.”

Caspian nodded. He turned his head and kissed Brock, making Brock’s heart swell. “You were brave today. Thank you for keeping me safe.”

Damn. Brock didn’t think Caspian had needed him at all, but he loved hearing the praise. Caspian was intoxicating and addicting. Brock never wanted to be anywhere else. “I would never let anything happen to you.” That much was absolutely true. Whether or not Caspian recognized it, he belonged to Brock. Brock would give his life to keep Caspian safe. “I have a question, though.”

Caspian hummed against Brock’s lips, trying to kiss him into silence.

This was too important for Brock to let Caspian distract him. He held Caspian’s jaw, forcing Caspian to meet his stare. Caspian looked slightly nervous. Brock couldn’t have that. They had danced around each other for too long now. “Would you be mine? Like officially? I mean, like I only date you and you only date me, and if people ask, I get to say you’re my boyfriend.”

A smile exploded across Caspian’s face. “Yeah. I’d like that.”

Happiness had Brock springing into action. He lunged, covering Caspian’s body with his and capturing his mouth. Their tongues met and brushed. Their hard cocks strained to get closer like they hadn’t already blown once tonight. Brock couldn’t wait to get started on this forever thing. They were one thousand percent meant to be. He had never been happier.