Corrupt by Aubree Valentine

Chapter 4

The people in this bar want privacy and anonymity which was made abundantly clear in the lengthy contract and NDA that I had to complete before I could even think about dropping the hefty membership fee. Lucky for me, the department is picking up the tab on that too.

If the walls could talk in this place, I bet there would be plenty of evidence in this room to shut down crime bosses and destroy families. But, I’m only looking for one man.

Thankfully, I’m not here sipping on my glass of Macallan for long before the tall, dark and stereotypical handsome man that I’ve been waiting on walks in and takes up residence at a table in the corner. There’s only one way for a guy like me to get close to Angelo.

He thinks all his secrets are locked up tight, but I’ve learned that nothing in this life is truly secret.

It’s time for me to play the game.

With a deep breath, I set my gaze on him. Letting my eyes linger over his body as he interacts with the waiter and places his order. Another time, another place, I could see myself truly being attracted to this man.

The dark suit he’s wearing is no doubt custom-tailored to fit his body like a glove. Where sheer lingerie may be an aphrodisiac for straight men, a perfect fitting suit or even a pair of well-worn jeans do it for me. But, I’m not here for my pleasure. This...this is strictly business.

The man across the room oozes old money. Even if I hadn’t already done plenty of research, I would easily have guessed his Italian heritage and that he probably has his Ma at home who’s waiting for him to settle down and give her grandbabies. I chuckle to myself. Wonder if the poor woman knows her son’s secret, and not the one about the family business.

I’m willing to bet that sweet Mrs. Bellini has no idea that her dear son is gay.

Feeling eyes on me I allow my gaze to travel back in his direction. This time we make eye contact and I give my best cocky grin. With far more confidence than one deserves to have, he motions me over with a single finger.

Snickering at his slyness, I leave my seat, whiskey glass in hand and cross the room.

Taking the empty seat across from him, I extend my hand and introduce myself.


“Angelo,” I grin, letting his name linger in the air between us, “sounds sexy and mysterious.”

“I can be,” he says with a wink before taking a sip from his glass.

It takes a lot for me to refrain from snorting. I have no doubt that Angelo Bellini is mysterious.

Doing my job, I keep the small talk going between the two of us, trying to gain as many details as he’s willing to give - which isn’t much aside from the fact that he’s very clearly horny and looking for a way to pass some time this evening. I’ve been given carte blanche to infiltrate Angelo’s inner circle by any means necessary. And, well, if we both get a little pleasure out of it, then so be it. Based on our conversation so far, I’m betting Angelo here gives just as good as he gets. Tonight may be my lucky night.

I’m not proud, but I’ve learned over the years that one of the best ways to get someone to open up is to entice them with sex or into some kind of relationship.

“How long do you plan on staying here?” I ask, hoping that my instincts are right and he’ll take the bait.

“As long as you want.”

Hook. Line. Sinker.

I lick my lips and stare directly into his eyes, playing right along. “What if I don’t want to stay here any longer? What if . . . I’d prefer that we both go find someplace, more private.”

“Well then, I’d have to oblige.” He comments with a smirk and waves his hand for the waiter to come over. Before I can even pull out my wallet, Angelo has taken care of the bill and we’re on our way outside.

“I would have covered that,” I grumble for show as we exit the bar.

Angelo lets out a chuckle, “A man like myself, never allows another to pay his way.”

With an eye roll behind his back, I let him lead us around the corner to a nearby hotel. Angelo approaches the desk and hands over his card as if he’s done this a thousand times before. The clerk gives him a discreet nod and hands back his credit card and a single room key.

Alone in the elevator, I continue my perusal of his body. Thank fuck he’s atleast easy on the eyes.

A thought hits me. All night, while we’ve talked, we never once ventured into personal territory. “You don’t even know how old I am.” Why now was a good time to bring it up is beyond me. I sound like a damn high-schooler, desperate for my first crush’s approval. Wanting to prove I’m a big boy. Instead of the cool under pressure man I usually am.

Angelo lets out a hearty laugh. “Well, I can tell you’re over eighteen.”

“Yes, but I bet I’m older than you are.” I puff my chest a little and stand taller.

“Oh?” He raises a brow and waits for me to go on.

“I’m fifty-one.”

“Well, you age like fine wine.” His compliment isn’t lost on me, neither is the manner in which he seems to me unphased by my admittance.

I bet this smug son of a bitch has already done some digging on me. Ten bucks says he looked me up while I was busy looking him over. I’m not dead yet so I’m guessing my cover hasn’t been blown.

“I happen to enjoy fine wine, and pleasuring the right man,” I lick my lips again, my mouth already watering for a taste of his body.

“Oh, do you now?” He leans back against the elevator wall with his hands in his pockets.

“I certainly do, and plan on showing you.” I promise before forcing my lips against his.

I swear I could kiss this man forever. Everything about him seems like an aphrodisiac as his tongue tangles with mine. Cock rock hard and pressed against his through the fabric of our slacks, I want more. So much more. Even though this is supposed to be a game, a mission, my body responds to Angelo.

Angelo takes control and bites my lip, catching me off guard but I don’t give up that easy.

“I’ve always loved a little pain with pleasure,” I tell him as we pull away from each other.

“Well then, you’re in good hands.”

The elevator doors open and Angelo walks off to the right, clearly knowing exactly where he’s going. Following behind him like some goddamn puppy, I nearly trip over my own two feet when he stops at the end of the hall and unlocks the door.

Our dress shoes tap and echo on the chocolate hardwood floor until we’ve entered a small sitting area. Not wanting to waste any time, I take off my suit jacket and toss it on the back of one of the armchairs. Another time, another place, I’d admire the view of city lights from the floor to ceiling windows but I don’t have time. Angelo has moved quickly and is standing before me stark naked, stroking his impressive length. Even semi-hard it looks delectable, especially with the tiny glint of pre-cum weeping from the slit.

“Take off your fucking clothes,” he barks at me.

Surprised at his demand, I smile coyly. So he wants to be in charge? Fine by me. A true switch in every sense of the word, I have no problem submitting to this man right now but I have no plans to make it easy on him. Perhaps once I’ve exhausted his body he’ll be a little more willing to open up to me. Sex has a way of making one vulnerable after all.

Slowly, I strip out of each piece of clothing until there’s nothing left. My own cock bobs and is begging to be touched as I watch Angelo pump his dick.

“Get over here and choke on it,” he grits.

I close the distance between us and drop to my knees as he’s commanded. The cool hardwood floor is no comfort but I welcome the pain as I open my mouth to Angelo’s girthy cock. With each pass of my tongue against his smooth skin, I hollow my cheeks and suck harder and deeper.

“Choke on it,” he repeats, his resolve slowly cracking. He runs his fingers through my hair and grabs a fist full then thrusts his cock to the back of my throat until I’m gagging and nearly unable to breathe. Between legs, my own cock throbs with need, weeping for release.

When Angelo releases me, I lose my balance and tumble backward with a thud and a laugh but I don’t let it stop me. The line between business and pleasure is blurred as I crawl back onto my knees and grip his cock, guiding it back into my mouth. Eyes locked on Angelo, I silently plead with him to use me for his pleasure.

“Take my cock like the little bitch you are,” he hisses at me.

I should be ashamed, insulted even, instead find myself even more turned on.

Angelo is clearly enjoying this game too. Or at least I thought he was until he pulls himself from my mouth and stares down at me.

He slaps my face with his cock, “You want this cock in you? Huh?”

The damn man must be a mind reader. Gone, out the window, is any thought of work right now. I need to be fucked. I need this man’s cock buried so deep inside me that I forget about everything else.

I stand and follow him with my gaze as he moves through the hotel room to the chair where his pants are draped over the back. He retrieves a condom, sheathing himself as he points across the room.

“Lean over the couch.”

“Lube?” I finally speak for the first time since we entered this room. I can skip the foreplay, but...this is a hard limit for me.

For only a split second, I see Angelo’s demeanor soften as he nods and disappears for only a moment. Upon his return from the ensuite, he’s armed with a small white tube.

“Lean over,” he growls this time.

I bend over the back of the couch and open myself to him. In the silence of the room, I hear the cap open then feel the cool liquid drip down my crack. From there Angelo wastes no time, forcing himself inside. The intrusion draws a hiss from the back of my throat as I do my best to adjust to his size. Only I would pick the biggest cock in the room to fuck me tonight.

He fucks me hard, without abandon and with every thrust, his balls slap against my taint.

“Fuck, that big cock of yours is amazing.” I moan and find myself rewarded with Angelo wrapping a hand around my waist and grabbing my cock, jerking me off in time with his fucking.

“Yes, please. Please don’t stop,” I plead.

Angelo gives in to my pleas fucking me even harder until my balls tighten and cum spurts from my cock.

Barely finished coming, he pulls from my ass and I hear the condom snap off. Anticipating what he wants next, I turn around and lower myself to my knees once again. With my mouth open, I wait for Angelo to slip his dick between my lips but he doesn’t. He continues fisting his cock as fast as he can until his coming, all over my face.

As fast as we got started, it’s over and Angelo disappears into the bathroom, no doubt to clean himself up.

When he’s finished, I slip past him to do the same but by the time I step out into the living space, he’s gone.

Feeling used in more ways than one, I slowly shuffle around the oversized space that now feels hollow and colder than before to gather my clothes that are no longer laying on the back of the chair. Looks like Angelo couldn’t even afford me that courtesy, knocking my belongings to the floor. Nothing like a wealthy asshole to remind me of my place in this world.