Corrupt by Aubree Valentine

Chapter 3

“So, tonight. You’re heading to that cigar bar where he hangs out?” Ricci is already on my case.

“Yes, sir. I’ll be there tonight. Vinny said that he heard from sources that he should be making an appearance tonight.”

“Great. Keep me posted.”

“Hey Jay, we’re all heading out tonight and hitting up O’Hara’s. If memory serves me right, you owe us a round of beers.” Luca, my best friend on the force, jumps in as soon as the boss is out of the way and leans against my desk.

“Ah, any other time you know I’d be all for a guy’s night out but, I can’t. I promised Darcy that I would take her out to dinner tonight to celebrate the big move.” He doesn’t need to know that I’m not heading to Darcy’s place until tomorrow and that tonight I have other plans. Unfortunately, Luca is a beat cop which means there are plenty of things I can’t share with him. Hazard of the job.

Luca perks up at the mention of my sister and wiggles his brows. “Maybe, I should join you both for dinner.”

I roll my eyes then shoot Luca a warning glare. “Not going to happen.”

He shrugs, “Figured it was worth a shot since you won’t go with us.”

“Oh stop it with the guilt trip. I’ll catch you all next time.”

“Whatever man. It’s on you if you’d rather have dinner with your little sister than potentially get laid by some big burly dude.”

This time I laugh out loud. “You and I both know burly isn’t my type and never in the history of ever have I found a guy at O’Hara’s, but good try.” Especially not with O’Hara’s being a well known cop bar and me being the only openly gay guy on the force.

“Your loss,” he shrugs again. “I’ll see you Tuesday. Unless, of course, you wanna bring Darcy by for a drink or two.”

This time I flip him the bird and grab the rest of my things.

Out on the busy New York street, I adjust the strap on my duffle bag and head for the gym. First thing, first. I need a hard workout to blow off some steam and loosen up for the night ahead of me.

For nearly two hours I put my body through the paces, each muscle screaming as I push myself to the max before getting in one more round of cardio in the form of a fifteen minute jog back to my tiny studio apartment.

Checking my watch, I know I’ve got exactly ninety minutes before I need to be at the swanky cigar bar where I’ve made plans for this evening.

While I kick off my shoes, I schedule an Uber to get me to my destination then strip out of my clothes and toss them into the washer just outside of the bathroom before I jump into the hot shower. Letting the water soothe the muscles in my body, I take what little time I can to wash from head to toe and shampoo my longer than normal hair that’s already overdue for a trim.

Satisfied that I’m squeaky clean, I dry off and tie the towel around my waist while I trim up my facial hair and brush my teeth. On my way to the closet for my finest attire, I drop the towel in the wash and fire it up to cycle through while I finish getting ready.

In the back of my closet I find the overpriced Armani suit the department sprung for as part of an undercover mission a while back. Lucky for me, it still fits like a glove. Paired with some knock off dress shoes, I look the part of an uptown socialite.

A dash of aftershave and a little bit of product in my hair and I’m finally ready to go with a few minutes to spare.

Here goes nothing.