I Kissed A Ghoul by Kat Baxter

Chapter 2


Three months ago…

My phone has been burning a hole in my pocket since I got out of the meeting with my agent and the coach. I desperately want to hear her voice. To know what she thinks about my news.

But I know she had an important meeting today at work and I don’t want to overwhelm her. So I shoot her a text.

Me: Can you chat?

Peach: Give me twenty. I’ve had a shit day. I’ll call when I’m ready. Ok?

Me: Of course.

I don’t bother asking if there’s anything I can do because she’ll say no. Which is unacceptable. So I pull up the food delivery app on my phone and type in her address. Then it’s just a matter of finding her favorite food, Italian and ordering her some dinner. Shrimp carbonara with plenty of bread sticks and cheesecake for dessert. Then I order her a couple of bottles of her favorite Prosecco and have those sent too.

It takes nearly forty-five minutes before she calls me back.

“Hey, Peach,” I say when I answer.

“You didn’t need to send me all of this stuff,” she says. But I can tell she already has food in her mouth and it makes me smile.

“Well, I’m not there to give you a hug when you’ve had a rough day and pasta is the next best thing.”

“I’m eating the cheesecake first,” she admits.

I laugh. “That’s totally what I’d do.”

She makes a scoffing noise. “Whatever. You don’t even eat dessert.”

“Not because I don’t love it. And I indulge in off-season.”

She sighs. “Thank you for this. It really was a crap day.”

“Anything I can do?”

“Not unless you want to fly to Austin to go to a Halloween party with me.”


“Don’t tease, Reid.”

“I’m not. Look, that’s why I wanted to chat. I have news.”

“What news?” she asks, her voice lined with uncertainty.

“I got traded.”

“This far into the season?”

“We’ve only had a few games. But yeah. I’m coming home, Peach. You’re talking to the newest kicker for the Austin Armadillos.”

There’s a loud thunking noise, followed by a string of curses. Finally, she says, “Sorry, I dropped the phone. In my carbonara.”

“That excited that I’m coming back?”

“Something like that.”

“So I’ll be there in time for the Halloween party and I’ll be your date.”

That’s right, Peach, I’m coming home to claim you.