Tortured by Erin Osborne


Chapter One


THE LAST FEW weeks have been crazy as hell since the patch in party. We spent our time packing up everything we wanted to bring to Cedar Falls with us. Irish, Whitney, Cassidy, and Austin helped me pack up the house Sami and I have in Clifton Falls and make sure everything was shut off before leaving the only home my daughter has ever known. The hardest part for me was packing up Sami’s things. They’ll be moving with us left to sit in a storage room until she comes back. Hopefully our hearts will begin to heal without seeing the daily reminders of her, knowing she’s out there somewhere suffering at the hands of assholes we know absolutely nothing about.

While I still have our home in Clifton Falls in case Sami wants to move back there when we finally manage to bring her home, for now, we’ll be living in Cedar Bay. At the very least I can help everyone get things set up and going before heading back home. Irish and Whitney are going to make sure nothing happens to our home while I’m here and if Sami chooses to stay here and not move back, we’ll figure out what to do with our home then. For now, my sole focus is making this move as easy as possible on Kelsie and trying to get things situated so I can work and still spend time with my girl.

The caravan we had to move to Cedar Bay was pretty damn impressive. The original members, our dads, rode their bikes while the rest of us hauled our bikes, drove our trucks, or drove the U-Hauls we rented for the move. There’s a ton of shit we’re moving. Some of it is our personal belongings while other stuff is new things the ol’ ladies declared we needed. With the exception of the table Pops made for church. It’s a heavy fucker and will take most of us to move into the conference room we’ve turned into our meeting room.

I’m driving my truck since Kelsie is with me. She’s currently passed out in the backseat clutching a blanket Sami made her when she was a baby. Other than a few stops to go to the bathroom, fill the trucks up with gas, and get something to eat, we’ve been driving as much as possible. Our goal is to get to Cedar Bay with enough time to unload our things so the next few days we can get everything set up. This week is a busy one for us all with interviewing potential employees for our businesses, unpacking, and trying to adjust to life in a new town. I’m looking forward to the work because the busier I am, the less time I’ll have to think of my wife and the pain filling me every second she’s gone.

Guilt fills me because she’d be here with us if I had been home and not here working on shit. Or if my girls had been here with me instead of leaving them home. No, it wasn’t a place for our daughter to be, but we would have made it work somehow. I’ve thought so many times about what I could have done differently to keep my wife here with us and the only thing I continue to come up with is Sami never should have been left home alone. She should have been by my side, and I have no clue if she’s even going to want anything to do with me when we finally get her back. I wouldn’t blame her if she told me to go fuck myself.

Slowing down, Venom who is in front of me on the road pulls into the parking lot of our new home. Since it was the hotel here in Cedar Bay, we have a large parking lot for all the vehicles we brought with us. We pull up as close as we can in order to get everything unloaded easier, I shut my truck off and turn in my seat to see if Kels is going to wake up. We really have nowhere to put her until I get her bed in her new room here. However, I’ll figure things out and make sure she’s okay while we begin to unload all the trucks before getting something to eat and drink so we can finally head to bed. Getting up at four to leave by five at the latest is making for a long as fuck day. It’s also why my baby girl is sleeping in her car seat because she’s been up for a long time already today.

When Kelsie doesn’t stir, I get out of my truck to stretch out my body. I’m sore as fuck and ready to get this shit over with. My back pops and cracks as Whitney and Irish make their way over to me. She looks in the back window to find Kelsie passed out.

“She sleep the whole rest of the way?” Irish asks, looking over his wife’s shoulder.

“Yeah. With her little belly full, she passed right out and hasn’t stirred since. She’s not used to gettin’ up at the ass crack of dawn though,” I answer him as everyone else stretches and takes a minute before we begin moving things in.

“Where are we startin’?” Venom asks, his new permanent scowl on his face.

“With whatever the first U-Haul is,” his father answers. “Unless you got somethin’ else in mind?”

“No. Just don’t wanna do that fuckin’ table until after everythin’ else is taken inside. None of us are gonna wanna do another thing if we move that first,” he answers, as we all start laughing because he’s right.

“Okay. Then pull up the first U-Haul and we’ll get movin’. Goose, you wanna get Kelsie’s bed inside so you can get her there while we all work?” Grim questions, looking in the truck at my daughter.

“Yeah. I’ll get her bed set up real quick and then lay her down. Not sure how much longer she’ll sleep.”

“Let’s get this shit done.”

We’ve all been busting our asses for hours. The U-Hauls are all unloaded with things put in the correct rooms. Including the large as fuck table Pops made for us. It’s all wood with our colors burned into the middle of the table. He even made matching chairs with our colors burned into the back of them. Alice put thick padding on them so we wouldn’t be uncomfortable for long as fuck meetings once everything is up and running. For a few minutes, we’re all standing around catching our breath as Kelsie comes into what will be our common room with her blanket still clutched in her hand. Her still tired eyes search until they fall on me, and she makes her way through her family until I can bend down and pick her up.

“Did you have a good sleep baby girl?” I ask her as she buries her head in my neck.

Nodding her head, she doesn’t stir until Irish walks up and places his hand on her back. The ol’ ladies left to get pizza, wings, soda, water, and some beer for us. I’m sure they’ll come back with other food besides that. We already have our refrigerator, freezer, and other appliances in the kitchen and in working order. These ladies will make sure we’re taken care of by stocking us up with enough food to last us for a little while. Plus, they’ll want to cook everyone breakfast. It’s what they do and why we all love them. So, it’s not going to surprise me at all if we end up with a kitchen full of groceries as well. Especially considering they ended up leaving earlier than they should have to pick up the pizza’s and took two vehicles.

“Papa,” Kelsie says, her voice still filled with sleep as she lifts her head to look at Irish.

“Hey Papa’s girl. You wanna come see me?” he asks, reaching out his hands to her.

Without hesitation, my girl practically dives into her papa’s arms. Irish is a proud grandpa and loves Kels with everything in him.

“You got her for a little bit? I wanna go get her room put together before tonight so I can give her a bath before bed,” I ask my father-in-law.

“Yeah. We’ll go watch the guys put the pool tables together. I’m sure it will be funny as fuck.”

With laughter filling me, I head to the back of the hotel. The way we set up the hotel when we turned it into our clubhouse is simple. When you walk inside, you enter the common room. We’ll have tables filling the area with our bar directly to the right if you’re standing inside the main door. Every single bedroom has been soundproofed so none of us have to hear any shit we don’t want to. The officer’s rooms are all on the left of the remodeled hotel while the other members, prospects, and any sweetbutts we have will be on the right side. In the front of the hotel is the conference room we turned into our church which is next to a panic room we had installed for any ol’ ladies and children when shit hits the fan. Closest to my room is the restaurant we’re going to be making full use of, then Venom’s office.

At the opposite end of the last member’s room, we turned three of those rooms into a laundry room. There are four washers in there and four dryers. It’s more than enough room for us to complete the laundry on a regular basis. Skylar even suggested putting a table in the middle of the room along with a hanging bar so we can fold and hang our clothes in there as they dry, and we pull them out. I’m not sure how many guys are actually going to do all that shit, but we’ll find out soon enough. The only reason we chose the three rooms to convert for our laundry room is because we’ve made use of the basement. Half of it has been made into a torture room of sorts with lockers to keep extra clothes in and to place our cuts so we don’t ruin them. There are showers down there for us to use after our brand of interrogation. The opposite side of the basement has been turned into storage which is where all of Sami’s things currently sit waiting for her to come home.

Where the other members rooms are we have an indoor pool and a gym. We all got together and chose the equipment for the gym here at the clubhouse and installed locks so my baby girl can’t get in the pool unless someone is with her. I’m sure she’ll be wanting to swim as soon as she realizes there’s a pool here and we don’t have to leave to go swimming. Plus, it will be nice to swim all year round instead of just on the hot days. Sami will love that for sure. Other than the bathrooms, the last room we have is a small room off the back of the officer’s bedrooms. That’s where our pool tables, dart board, and a poker table will go. For the nights we want to play games late into the night, we have a room to use so we’re not keeping anyone up. Plus, we can get away from the women who want to be all over us when it’s not necessarily what we want.

We expanded all the rooms so two of the previous rooms now is just one for each of us. The only exception is mine. I have a door leading into Kelsie’s room, so she doesn’t have to go out into the hall if she wakes up in the middle of the night. I can lock her door and keep the one between ours open. So, I’ve actually got three rooms instead of two. Eventually, we’ll all have houses or something outside the clubhouse. For now, this works for us. Walking through my room, I head in the smaller room for my daughter. Boxes are piled high in the corners as I look around to figure out where to start.

The only thing we put in the truck were her clean sheets and blankets, so I didn’t have to wash them when we got here after they were packed. Those are now on her bed. picking up a box of toys, I look at her toy box Pops made her as it sits in the corner of her room. Opening up the box, I begin placing her toys inside so they’re out of the way and she can move around. Most of her boxes are actually her toys. Two boxes have decorations in them, and her clothes and extra sheets and blankets are in zippered bags so hopefully they won’t need to be cleaned first.

After taking care of all her toys, putting her folded clothes away, and hanging up her other clothes, I begin putting up her decorations and making sure the nightlight she uses every night didn’t get broken in the move. It’s a ball that sits on a nightstand by her bed. Lights are cast on the walls and ceiling in the shape of stars in various colors. It lights her room up enough, so she’s not scared of the dark. Once that’s all taken care of, I know there’s just one more thing to take care of; Kelsie’s bathroom essentials. She has her own bathroom that I can lock when she’s in there playing or sleeping so nothing happens.

“It looks good in here,” Whitney says as I place the last of her bathroom shit on the edge of the tub. “She’s gonna love it.”

“Thank you. It’s not the same. Nothin’ will ever be the same. I just hope Sami likes it when she comes home.”

“She’ll love it. We are gonna bring her home, Goose. There are days I don’t think we will, but deep in my heart, I’ve never lost the hope she’ll be here with us before we know it. I also have a feeling she’s gonna want to stay here in Cedar Bay. It’s a fresh start for both of you and there won’t be any memories of what happened in Clifton Falls,” Whitney tells me, wrapping her arms around me.

“Do you believe I should wash her clothes and blankets we packed up?”

“No. they were packed in the moving bags. If they were in boxes I would say yes. Just follow your gut, Goose.”

“What am I gonna do without you here? What if somethin’ happens and I don’t know what to do?” I question her as I step away and lean against the dresser.

“Then you follow your gut and do what you think you should. If you have no clue, then you call Irish or me and we’ll walk you through it. Don’t forget you need to establish her a doctor here and I’m not sure there’s one in Cedar Bay. I think you’ll have to go to the next town over,” she answers me, her voice soft instead of admonishing.

Nodding my head, I let Whitney lead me out of the bedroom. I still have to take care of my room, but that will come when I can get to it. For now, it’s time to eat and I’m starving. It’s been nonstop moving and working since we got here. Irish already has a plate for himself and Kelsie at one of the tables that have been put together since I was in the bedroom. After Whitney and I help ourselves to the food, we take a seat with them as my girl jabbers on and on about something we can barely understand. It’s funny to hear Kelsie try to sound so grown up as she talks.

“Daddy, home?” she asks when she’s half done with her piece of pizza.

“Yeah baby. This is our new home. I got your bedroom all done. When you’re done eatin’ you can go see it so I can wash you up.”

“Yay!” she giggles as Irish and Whitney join in with her enthusiasm.

Eating our food, we still have work to do tonight before we can lay down to get a few hours of sleep. While we may have our rooms, the parents and everyone else here to help us will be camping out on air mattresses and sleeping bags wherever they can find space. It’s not ideal, but there’s nothing else we can do. With the exception of Pops and Alice. They’re going to stay in Venom’s room so they’re on a bed.

“Goose, how are you doin’?” Gage asks as he walks up to our table.

“I’m not sure. It’s hard as fuck right now. I’ll breathe again once my wife is home where she belongs,” I answer him.

“We’re still gonna keep lookin’ for her. We won’t stop until we have her for you,” he assures me as Crash and Trojan step up to him with plates piled high with food.

“You guys really wanted the clubhouse painted black?” Trojan asks, looking around the common room.

“Yep. We’re tired of all the white in your places,” I return, laughing at his expression.

“I like it. When shit goes down, it will be easier to hide,” Crash adds in his two cents. “The empty rooms aren’t black, are they?”

“No. Those are the only things painted white. We all chose different colors for our bedrooms. Actually, Kelsie’s just got painted a week ago. I came down here and took care of mine and hers since we decided last minute to come down here.”

“It’s pink, isn’t it?” Gage asks, laughter already filling his voice.

“Nothin’ but pink for my girl.”

We shoot the shit for a few more minutes before Kelsie decides she’s done eating. Finishing up my own food quickly, Whitney takes her from me to clean her up so I can get back to work. By the time I hit my bed someone made for me after taking a quick shower, I’m exhausted and ready to sleep for days knowing Kelsie will be up before I know it.