Jag by J. Nell

Chapter 1


Ihave waited almost thirty years for this day, twenty-nine to be exact, twenty-nine years of being a mother and putting my children’s needs, wants and desires ahead of my own. Don’t get me wrong I loved being their mother, and chose to put my life on hold to be a mother to them and do not regret it at all. But walking through the airport towards my gate, it feels like my life is beginning again.

Looking at my boarding pass and up at the signs to see how much farther my gate is, for some reason my gate is always as far away from security as they can get it. My feet have walked so much I am almost convinced that I've walked home instead of flying. It does not help that I wore these shoes instead of my trusty flip flops or crocs, but my kids insisted on dressing up my shoe game up today. Looking down again, my mind is made up to take these booties off and I look for the nearest set of chairs to remove them.

Turning to make my way to the seats, I run into a pillar or wall or something that was not there a second ago. But nope, not a wall since walls do not have arms or hands as far as I know. Right now both are currently around and on my body. Realizing in that moment I have run smack dab into the arms of a man, a very tall and nice smelling man to be exact. Raising my hands to his chest to steady myself and to put a little distance between me and the stranger since I’m plastered, to the whole front of this man.

Once there are a few millimeters between us my eyes map their way up his massive chest until I am gazing into a pair of startling grey eyes. Damn, my internal voice says, at least I hope it was my internal voice, because yeah, he is damn worthy. I realize he is tall when I only come just barely to the middle of his chest and I’m five feet eight inches in bare feet. With these three-inch heels on I am almost six feet, which would make him approximately seven feet … and huge.

My hands feel like they are resting on a rock-climbing wall and not a man’s chest. And those eyes! I am lost in them and on the verge of promising this man anything right here in the middle of this airport. His eyes search my face, and those kissable lips lift in a smile before he asks if I am OK.

OH MY GOD! That cannot be his voice, I think I just stood in the middle of this airport in the arms of a stranger and came from his voice alone. What the hell! He sounds like Kevin Grevioux, Barry White, and Christopher Judge put together. I instantly snap to attention and scramble out of his arms, causing him to frown down at me. It takes me a couple of attempts to find my voice to tell him I am fine and thank him for catching me. But before a word can get out, my name is being called over the PA system immediately requesting me at my gate.

Mumbling a quick thank you and an apology for running into him, I turn on my heels and literally run away from him like the hounds of hell are nipping at my heels. The reason for the page is because they have boarded early, and I am the only passenger not on board. After I take my seat in first class, since I decided to splurge this time, I sit back and reflect on what the hell just happened.


I look after the woman that ran from me like I told her I had a communicable disease. I turn to go after her, but my brother stops me. I look down at him to his hand on my arm and frown as I look into his face. We don’t have time for that Joshua he says besides we have her name we can find her if you really want but we must go.  One final look in the direction she ran off to, I nod and walk away from the first and only woman that has made me want to run after her. Don’t get me wrong I have wanted women before but have never really had to work to get one, they usually come to me. This woman makes me feel like I will chase her through hell itself to have her and that’s crazy.

I noticed her damn near as soon as we stepped into the terminal from our plane. It was like she was standing under a spotlight; my eyes were drawn to her instantly. The closer we got to her the more intrigued and attracted I found myself. Those boots, jeans that molded to her thick thighs, wide hips, and fat ass. The silky tank top that clung to a delicious set of breasts and her blazer rolled up to her elbows all lead to her café au lait colored face.

I had to bite back a moan when she looked at me with her chocolate eyes behind a pair of sexy glasses, a cute slightly wide nose, and soft perfectly shaped lips glossed with a brown shimmery gloss that made me want to lean down and test if her lips are as soft as they looked. Having her in my arms felt right, natural like I finally came home after a long trip, like I was finally breathing for the first time.

I felt her tremble in my arms when I asked her if she was ok. I’m a big mother fucker at seven feet tall and three hundred and fifty pounds I am a whole lot of man, but feeling her tremble took strength, I was not aware of possessing not to fuck her right there in the middle of the airport. And when she ran from me, she reached inside of me and took something with her. Is it possible to fall in love that fast? Before today the answer would have been hell no, but now, now I’m not too sure anymore. As I walk out of the airport and get into the car my brother drove to pick us up in, and I know without a doubt that I will be finding Savannah Errington.


Sitting here sipping my cranberry juice I begin to reflect about today and taking my two youngest children to college. Sheppard and Skai are less than two years apart and have always been thick as thieves. When they were younger people would ask if they were twins to which they would always answer yes.

Sheppard graduated from high school first and decided college was not for him. Skai graduated exactly two years later and decided to go to a local community college to get her feet wet first and see if college was indeed for her. Once she began attending, her brother began to spend as much time on the campus as she did. She soon convinced him to enroll for a semester to see if he liked it since he was always up there anyway. Surprisingly he took to it like a fish to water and they both fast tracked their way through the two-year college in just over a year. They applied to the same HBCU’s and got accepted to Jackson State University.

Dropping them off at college was both happy and sad for me. I am extremely proud of them both, they have been through a lot and have fought through all the opposition to get to this point. After getting them set up in school and their own apartment, we attended the welcome luncheon their school provided for new students and their families. That is how I ended up in this get-up I am wearing and make-up. Make-up may be a bit of an exaggeration considering make-up for me consists of some mascara, lip stick, and lip gloss.

Reaching down to remove the boots that have been the bane to my existence, I take a moment to admire the black three-inch leather peep toe boots with an S for the heel. They are sexy but they are not meant to be worn for more than thirty minutes at a time or for running through an airport. Thinking of me running brings me back to the reason for my Usain Bolt like run through the airport, Mr. Tall, Fine, and Sexy. I’m surprised both my ankles aren’t broken from me running through the airport like I was twenty-eight instead of almost forty-eight. But that man scared the hell out of me. Not scared in the creepy, stalker, mass serial killer kind of way, but in an ‘I will change my whole life and all my plans for just one night with you’ kind of way.

A frown settles over my face when those thoughts cross my mind, I have fought for the past eight years to regain my independence and I refuse to give that up for anyone including that tall drink of water I ran into at the airport. I shake my head to clear my mind of the man I will never see again and focus on what I need to do when I get back home.

With the youngest two in college in Mississippi, my second oldest married with one son and a daughter on the way I find myself alone for the first time in almost thirty years. My oldest is in heaven with my mom looking down and keeping watch over us all. I lost my son more twenty years ago and my mom eight years ago, and loss of them is still leaves me feeling bereft.

My mother was best friend and mother, and I am still lost without her. After she passed away, I moved home to take care of my father. After being married forty-six years he was lost without her. Now however, he has met someone new, married her and moved to another state with his new wife. While I do not begrudge my dad’s happiness, I do not get along with or like his new wife and out of respect for my dad I limit my interactions with her.

When he moved away, he left me the family home, but now being the only one there it is too big for me to keep. I talked to my dad and told him I wanted to sell the house and he agreed. Once I got the okay from my dad, I contacted a contractor to make some improvements before I put it on the market. When I get home and sell the house, I plan to move closer to my youngest children and my dad. I need to look for housing, a job and decide exactly where I want to move to.

With a list of what I need to do firmly in my mind, I close my eyes and lean my head against the headrest to relax until we land. As soon as I close my eyes however, a pair of grey eyes flash in my mind and I have to cross my legs as my body responds to the memory of being in his arms surges through me. My eyes fly back open before I can embarrass myself on this plane, but it doesn’t help, and I have to damn near meditate before I can force my body back under subjection. I know it’s been eight years since I have been with a man, but damn.

Yep, that man is dangerous, and I am sure he has a rack of women at his beck and call, and I’ll be damned if I end up being one of them. I blow out a breath and decide to read instead and pray the pilot hurries up and gets me home to New York.


I am grateful that this meeting is over, and we sealed the deal.  We managed to snag one hundred acres of undeveloped land with the option of purchasing five hundred more over a five-year period. The idea is to build an affordable housing community where the residents do not have to leave the neighborhood for any of their needs.

Being general contractors and real estate agents makes our family business a one stop shop. My brothers and I went into the real estate business after we left the military, all us with honorable discharges. After many years of service, it was time for something else, we were blessed to be able to walk away with relatively minor injuries.

All eight of us served in every branch of the military, and all in the special force's units. My brother Joseph and I were both marines who served as Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance. Atlas and Asher went into the navy and were both SEALS. Aryan and Jaasiel were in the Airforce Special Operations. Jabarri and Anson were an Army Ranger. We were all top of our game in our respective fields, each enrolled right out of high school still managed to go to college and come out with either masters, PHD’s or both. Now here we are putting our skills and education to good use.

As we walked out of the building that we just had the longest most unnecessary meeting since everyone involved knew we were walking out of there with the land we wanted, the heat immediately hit me. I shed my suit jacket and loosen my tie as we walk to the SUV to go get lunch. They served us something they called lunch, but not only did it not have any flavor, it was nowhere near enough. When we walked into the room you could see the shock on the faces of the people, we were there to meet. Yeah, we’re some big mother fuckers with the shortest being six feet four inches and two hundred thirty-five pounds. We are walking intimidation and we bring an air of death wherever we go. We jump into the SUV’s and head to a restaurant so we can get some real food.

The restaurant is almost empty, and the waitress can barely show us to our table she’s staring so hard. It’s a total turn off and from the looks on my brothers’ faces, they agree. We finally get to our table and thank goodness our waitress is more competent; she brings us our drinks after we put in our orders.

As the conversation flows around me, I finally let my mind go back to the armful of woman that ran into me at the airport. She was more than a handful and she fit me perfectly. I am too damn big for a skinny chick I’d be too worried about breaking. I want to tell my brother to find her but now that we have this new project I decide to hold off. She’s be got a small reprieve but when this project is under control, I am coming for her.