A Glow of Stars & Dusk by Eve L. Mitchell


Book Description

A Glow of Stars & Dusk

One psychic. Six demons. And a whole lot of trouble.

I am a typical, though admittedly anti-social, woman who lives alone in the rural Highlands of Scotland. I also happen to be a clairvoyant who can summon the dead. It’s a pity the souls I see didn’t give me a heads-up, nor did I glimpse my own future on the night six demons came hunting for me.

Their leader believes I am a witch and refuses to let me go until I have performed a spell to lift a blood curse. A spell I do not understand and one that I cannot read. But does he listen? No. Is he infuriating? Yes. Is he hotter than hell? Well…obviously.

I am Star Elizabeth Archer, and I am going to make them, make him, regret the day he ever thought he could manipulate me.

Content warning: please note that there is an incident of sexual deception contained within this story...but you know, they’re demons.