Peter and the Pups by Merry Farmer


As always, a zip of giddiness shot through me when Magnus ordered me to undress. It seemed I would get a chance to be shamelessly sexual right from the very beginning of the summit. My heart thumped in my chest as I practically tore of my clothes—Neil was much slower to undress but still seemed curious about what we would be doing—and I wondered which of the important pack leaders Magnus planned to have me fuck first.

My expectations were thwarted before I was fully undressed as Magnus and Lev hurried to set the low table with a few of the sweetbreads we’d brought with us and to arrange the cushions. It didn’t look like the sort of situation where I would be left alone with a leader to do what I did best.

“I need the two of you to curl up on the bed together,” Magnus said, taking our clothes as we shed them and throwing them unceremoniously into one of the chests. “Kiss, cuddle, stroke each other until you’re dripping, but don’t fuck and don’t come.”

“You’re asking me to cozy up with Peter and get all touchy without coming?” Neil stared flatly at Magnus. “Peter is the one who likes to be denied, not me.”

Magnus laughed quickly, then rushed over to plant a fast kiss on Neil’s lips. “I shall reward both of you handsomely afterwards, but for now—and don’t look at me that way, Peter—the two of you are decoration. Keep quiet and pretend you’re only interested in each other, but listen. Now go.” He turned us toward the bed, then slapped our asses the way he always did when urging us to hurry up.

“What is this all about?” I asked over my shoulder as I flopped onto the bed with Neil.

There was no time for me to get an answer. The yurt’s flap opened, and Alexei showed two men who I’d never seen before inside. They were both obviously pack leaders. One had white-blond hair and was dressed in a cloak trimmed with white fur, in spite of it being just past midsummer. The other had darker hair and a thick beard that had grown so long it was braided. He, too, was dressed sumptuously. Both men had the sort of muscular physiques that never failed to get me hard in an instant.

“Magnus said not to come,” Neil teased me in a voice only the two of us could hear when he saw my reaction to the newcomers.

I giggled as if there were nothing between my ears but sawdust and wriggled against Neil, leaning in for a gentle kiss. Neil responded in kind, but we were both on high alert.

“Jorgen. How nice to see you again,” Magnus greeted the white-haired man with an embrace and a slap on the back. “It’s been too long, old friend.”

“Jorgen Iceblade?” I squeaked against Neil’s mouth, jerking my hips against his involuntarily.

Not come,” Neil giggled. “Not. God, Peter, you’re shameless.”

“Yes, thank you,” I chuckled in return.

My reaction made it much, much easier to carry out Magnus’s orders by making a total display of myself with Neil. Magnus glanced our way, and even though he had his battle face in place, I could tell from the twinkle in his eyes that he knew exactly what I was thinking, and that he approved of the results.

“Magnus,” Jorgen replied to the greeting with a nod, then peeked in my and Neil’s direction. He tilted his head to one side, and in spite of his name, his eyes went hot as he drank in the sight. “So it’s true what they’re saying about you and your two pups?”

“It is,” Magnus said, pride in his voice.

I risked looking directly at Jorgen with a flirtatious wink, and was rewarded when the towering man grabbed his crotch as if to steady himself.

“Extraordinary,” the man with the braided beard said in a gravely voice. “I thought it was just ridiculous hearsay.”

“I’m afraid it’s all real, Hati,” Magnus said with a sly grin, shaking the man’s hand. “The two of them keep me occupied.”

“I should say so.” Hati, too adjusted himself and the way he stood, unable to keep his eyes off of us.

“Have a seat, my friends,” Magnus said, gesturing toward the table he and Lev had set. “Let’s catch up. How are things in the north?”

My ears pricked up, even as I nibbled on Neil’s lip and rolled one of his nipples under my fingers. I was well aware of Jorgen and Hati stealing peeks at us, so I angled my body so they had a tempting view of my ass.

“The north is the north,” Jorgen said, then cleared his throat and faced Magnus fully. Lev and Alexei took up positions by the yurt’s flap. “Bears and elk are plentiful,” Jorgen went on, “but so is snow and hunger.”

“Surely there isn’t snow at this time of year,” Magnus said. “Even that far north. I know from trade reports that your rivers haven’t frozen over yet.” Something about the way Magnus spoke hinted to me that he wasn’t making idle conversation.

“The snow hasn’t set in yet,” Jorgen said, “but all indications are that it will be a harsh winter.”

Magnus hummed. “Yes, we’ve had those indications down here as well. Fortunately, my pack has been able to put aside a few extra stores here and there in case the winter lasts longer than it should.”

In fact, all of Gravlock had been working their fingers to the bone to pack the storage houses as full as possible. Magnus had even issued orders to build more storage barns so that we would not only be able to see ourselves through the winter, but so that we could help our allies supply themselves. Especially if all trade with the cities was cut off in retaliation for the attack at Neander.

“We are perfectly capable of looking after ourselves in Tatarsk,” Hati said, crossing his arms. “We’ve been careful in the past, and a few storms here and there aren’t going to make much of a difference.”

“I trust you’re right,” Magnus said, seemingly casually. “My greatest hope is that this winter’s storms don’t last long and that the spring which will inevitably come after will be fruitful and peaceful for the entire frontier.”

“I’m more concerned about the north than I am about you lot down here,” Jorgen said in a stern voice.

I met Neil’s eyes between kisses that neither of us were really paying attention to, interested to see if he had picked up on the subtext of the conversation as I had. Clearly, Magnus, Jorgen, and Hati were discussing the possibility of unification and not the weather. Neil blinked back at me, his eyes wide, telling me that he knew what was going on as well. I answered his look by nipping the end of his nose and making him laugh, and he reached a hand around to my ass, grinding his cock against mine lightly—but hard enough to make me gasp and lose track of everything for a moment.

The men at the table had my attention again less than a minute later as Magnus asked, “Have you heard anything of note from Inverhaus?”

He immediately had my attention. Inverhaus was the city where my friend—and Ox’s former mistress—Katrina was from.

“Only the usual,” Jorgen huffed dismissively. “They think it’s too cold in the winter, too muddy in the summer, too far to travel to faires of any note, and that the king has abandoned them entirely.”

A ripple of excitement shot down my spine—which might also have had something to do with Neil’s fingers running up and down my back as well. The cities had been complaining about the king forgetting them for more than a year, but this was the first time I’d heard speculation that they’d been abandoned entirely from a wolf.

“Well, the king is busy playing soldier, I’m sure,” Magnus said in an off-hand way. “Just like Neander is these days.”

Jorgen and Hati laughed at that, but neither added more to the conversation. I could practically see Magnus fuming with impatience at their reticence.

“We don’t need them,” Hati said with a shrug. “If you ask me, we’re all better off fending for ourselves anyhow.”

I sucked in a breath. Hati was in favor of cutting ties with the cities. But then, as I understood it, most of the major pack leader were. I leaned in to nibble on Neil’s neck to hide my excitement at the turn of the conversation.

“I wouldn’t be so certain of that,” Jorgen said guardedly. “If you ask me, Inverhaus will come crawling up to my doorstep any day now, begging me to take them all in for the winter. Yuri’s pitiful pack too.”

“An interesting prospect,” Magnus said, then followed that with, “Would you like some tea?” then, before either man could answer, “Peter, would you be so kind as to pour the tea?”

I felt as though I’d been called into battle at last, and not a moment too soon. I extracted myself from Neil as though it were the last thing I wanted to do, then rose and walked gracefully to the kettle steaming away over the fire in the center of the yurt. Or rather, walked as gracefully as I could with my cock stiff as an oak and beaded with pre-cum. Which was exactly the image Magnus wanted me to paint, I was certain. I played it up, moving as sensually as I could, displaying myself like a peacock, and taking my sweet time. Jorgen and Hati both had their eyes all over me, which wasn’t difficult to do, since my erection was right at their eye level when I brought the kettle to the table.

Cups were already laid out, so all I had to do was pour, which I did while standing as close to each of the leaders as possible. Hati in particular turned an interesting shade of red and stared at my weeping cock as though he’d rather have that in his mouth than one of the sweetbreads laid out on the table. I grinned and flirted with him and Jorgen both, making an utter ass of myself, all in the name of diplomacy.

“Don’t mind Peter,” Magnus said, resting a hand on the top of my thigh and causing me to gasp—which I exaggerated into a plaintive moan—before I moved away from the table. “My dear boy is extraordinarily friendly.” He reached for his teacup and flickered one eyebrow before taking a drink. I returned the kettle to its hook over the fire as Magnus said, “I hope you enjoy the treats I’ve laid out for you gentlemen. I tend to be extraordinarily generous with my friends.”

He could have just stood up on an auction block, giving me away to the highest bidder, and been just as obvious. Hati’s brow shot up with interest, and he watched me every step of the way as I crawled back onto the bed with Neil, tangling up with him more intensely than before and making certain my ass was on full display to Magnus’s guests.

My only regret was that I couldn’t directly see Jorgen when he laughed and told Magnus, “I see the game you’re playing, you old lech. Those pups of yours aren’t just for show. They’re deadly weapons, I suppose.”

“Not deadly at all,” Magnus said with a shrug, which I caught, along with a wink of approval from him when I glanced over my shoulder. “Peter has a type,” he said, his mouth twitching into a wicked grin. “You both are that type. I have been known to indulge his tastes, but only with men who I know will be careful and loyal to him.”

“Message received,” Jorgen chuckled.

It certainly was. A bit too overtly, or so I thought. Magnus must have thought he was losing the men to offer me so blatantly. I wasn’t sure that boded well for our side.

The men continued to talk about things I considered inconsequential for the next few minutes as Neil and I snuggled for them. They speculated about whether Boris and Yates would dare to show their faces, since Boris was the one who had caused the attack at Neander by kidnapping a young nobleman who was reported to have been his lover from before he himself had been cast out of the city. They talked about whether Viktor, the oldest of the pack leaders and potentially the leader of them all, was well or not. They finished by laughing over a few jokes about how dim-witted city-dwellers were as well. Finally, the conversation ended, and all three of them stood.

“We’ll speak more in the coming days,” Jorgen said, shaking Magnus’s hand and slapping his arm.

“I’m sure we will, and I look forward to it,” Magnus said with a smile.

“Oh, and Magnus,” Jorgen said, turning back after he’d already started toward the yurt’s flap, “have a care with the way you throw those pups around. I might not agree with you on all points, but you can trust me not to take what’s yours. There are others here who you cannot trust.”

“As I am well aware,” Magnus said with a wary nod. “Thank you.”

Jorgen and Hati continued toward the door, but something within me couldn’t let it end quite like that.

“You truly are my type,” I called after them, twisting so that my cock was fully visible in all its aroused glory.

Hati choked on his tongue. Jorgen roared with laughter, shook his head, then marched out into the night, Hati right behind him.

As soon as the yurt’s flap closed, Magnus let out a stiff breath and turned to me, his eyes alight with about a dozen different emotions. “You are impossible,” he barked, pointing a finger at me and marching toward the bed. “Completely and utterly impossible.”

“But it worked, didn’t it?” I kissed Neil quickly for a job well done, then rolled to my back as Magnus dropped to his knees on the edge of the bed. “They’re both hungry for me, and they know I’d be willing to fuck with them.”

“Yes, and that is precisely the corner you just painted me into,” Magnus said with exaggerated exasperation. “They might expect something without giving enough to get it.” He tipped forward, planting his hands on either side of my shoulders, then lowered himself until his body covered mine. I would rather he were naked, but I would take Magnus any way I could get him.

“That all sounded hopeful to me,” Neil commented, lifting himself to one arm as Magnus ravaged my mouth with a kiss. “I think you could bring them over to our side.”

“If they don’t ally themselves with Inverhaus and create a small kingdom of combined city- and forest-dwellers in the north,” Magnus said, lifting away from me and glancing at Neil.

“Would it be so bad if they do?” Neil asked, shrugging one shoulder. “They could be our allies still.”

“That would be my second choice of outcome,” Magnus said, then brushed his hand across my chest and belly to stroke my cock. “Meanwhile, this one more or less offered himself up to be kidnapped by whichever of the pack leaders has the biggest cock.”

The pleasure of Magnus’s hand on me was counteracted by the fear his statement instilled in me. “No one is going to kidnap me though, right?” I asked. “Jace says that the penalty for kidnapping a pup makes the penalty for rape at a faire look easy.”

“If the kidnappers are caught in the act instead of disappearing before anyone discovers the pup is missing,” Magnus said with cold seriousness.

I shuddered and clung to him, fighting off a wave of panic. “I’m sorry,” I said in a sheepish voice. “I’ll only do as you say for the rest of the summit.”

Magnus barked a laugh, then leaned down to smack a kiss to my lips. “You? Peter Royale? Obey? I’d like to see the day.” He kissed me more tenderly, and I curled my arms and legs around him. I hoped he was done with his negotiations for the day and could come to bed. It was still relatively early, though, and that didn’t seem likely.

His kiss didn’t last as long as I wanted it to either, and when he pulled away, he looked down at me with a level of fear I hadn’t seen in him before and said, “In all seriousness, Peter, behave. It would kill me to lose you now.” He glanced to Neil with the same level of seriousness. “It would kill me to lose either of you.”

“I know,” Neil said, both in terms of losing either of us or being lost. “And I will do everything I can to keep Peter from getting himself into trouble.”

Magnus smiled and hummed fondly, stretching over me to kiss Neil. “I love you dearly.” He kissed Neil again. “But we are both fooling ourselves if we think we can stop Peter from getting himself into trouble. The best we can do is stay vigilant and send Ox in to yank him out of trouble once he’s in it.”

I had the feeling Magnus was being serious, even though he smiled.

He pushed himself to a kneeling position, sighed as he gazed down at us, then said, “I’m due at Dushka’s tent for another pre-summit meeting like this one any moment now. He thinks he can woo Maldurik to our side before the negotiations begin. Why don’t the two of you finish fucking, then take your satisfied selves back out to be with your friends and plot all the ways you’re going to drive us mad with mischief for the next three days.”

I laughed over every part of what Magnus said, my heart squeezing with fondness for the man. “I’m certainly in favor of that first part,” I said, rolling toward Neil and grabbing him so that he lost his balance and spilled into my arms. “Best of luck with your secret and probably wicked meeting.”

“Yes, best of luck,” Neil called over his shoulder as Magnus stood, then shifted so that he could kiss me and grind against me at the same time.

Between Magnus laughing at us and Neil using me to bring himself off, I was far happier than I should have been in such a dangerous situation. As soon as it was just me and Neil alone in the yurt, however, Neil stopped, pushing himself above me abruptly, and glared down at me with the fiercest look I’d ever seen from him.

“So help me, Peter, if you ever frighten me like that again, I…I’ll…I don’t know what I’ll do,” he growled.

I muscled myself to my elbows so I could be closer to him. “What did I do that frightened you?” I asked.

“You taunted those men with your…with yourself,” Neil said, his voice shaking.

“I was helping Magnus by flirting and showing them how valuable of a prize I am,” I insisted.

“You’re not a prize, Peter,” Neil argued, suddenly near tears. “You’re not a shiny bauble or a gold cup or something that can be tossed into a cupboard when you’re done being displayed. You’re a person and a man, and I love you, and I don’t like the way you don’t love yourself.”

I was so stunned by the ferocity of Neil’s words and the emotion contorting his face that I fell back against the pillows, my mouth dropping open. “That’s not what it is at all, love,” I told in in a gentle voice, stroking my hands up and down his sides. “It’s all just a game. A fun one at that. I enjoy playing it the same way you and Conrad love sketchers. And don’t you worry, because I play to win, just like Magnus.”

“It’s not a game.” Neil grew more upset by the moment. His eyes turned glassy, and his lip quivered. “It’s not a game, and Magnus is as wrong as you are for treating us like it is.”

The last thing I wanted was for Neil to be so upset, but I was frustrated that he couldn’t see the benefits of mingling sex and politics. I continued to brush his sides, shifting my legs around to hook over his thighs, drawing him down to me. “Please be honest with me,” I said as I formed my question in my head before asking it. “Are you jealous of me being with other men or just the ones that Magnus is singling out as potential allies?”

Neil huffed a breath that was almost annoyed. “I know that you like fucking and you’re not particularly discriminate about whose cock is up your ass.”

I laughed at his feeble attempt at humor. It put me more at ease, in spite of the tension between us still. “On the contrary,” I said in my haughtiest voice, “I am extremely discriminating in whose cock I want up my ass. Only the most powerful leaders in the forest will do. I am the son of a ruling duke, after all. Only the very finest of cocks are acceptable to me.”

Neil laughed, dropping to my side and burying his face against the pillow for a moment. I took that moment to draw him into my arms and to tangle our legs together.

Neil took a deep breath, rested a hand on the side of my face, and whispered, “I’m worried about you, Peter. You have the same look in your eyes that my sister Mirinda had right before eating so many bon-bons that she spent the rest of the afternoon vomiting them up again.”

I chuckled. “What a delightful comparison.”

“I’m serious,” Neil stressed. “We aren’t in Gravlock. These men leering at you aren’t Magnus’s trusted friends. Half of them are his enemies, and if you ask me, Magnus is being foolish by letting every one of them know how much he cares for us. He’s put targets on our heads. Magnus thinks he can sway leaders over to vote with him by promising they can have their cocks down your throat, but men like Bela and Jorgen and Hati, and who knows who else, could just as easily capture you and do you harm in order to sway Magnus to their side.”

He heart squeezed hard in my chest. Every single time I wrote Neil off as sweet and simple and not particularly good at strategy, he floored me with his insight and keen mind. I shouldn’t have been surprised, though. Both Magnus and I were adept at looking at political machinations as abstract logic problems. Neil was the one who understood people and their behavior. What Magnus and I saw as moving pieces on a sketchers board, Neil saw as real, human desires and fears.

“I can’t back out of the plans Magnus already has in place,” I said, caressing the side of Neil’s face, my heart racing against his as our chests pressed together. “But I can see that you are absolutely right. I’m sorry I haven’t taken this whole thing seriously enough. I think it’s going to be up to you and me to keep Magnus safe through these negotiations, when all is said and done.”

“I think you’re right,” Neil whispered. “You two are so similar, you know. You’re both ruthless, and you’re both careless.”

“Then we’re lucky to have you to temper us,” I smiled.

I surged into him, kissing him with all of the love that he kept building and building in my heart. Just when I thought I was content and couldn’t possibly love Neil any deeper, he pulled something like he’d just done and reminded me of all the ways he was the greatest gift I’d ever received. He was Magnus’s gift as well, and even though Magnus was distracted with what could very well be the most important negotiations of any of our lifetimes, I knew he was well aware of what he had.

Neil moved against me, dropping a hand to my ass and kissing me lightly, several times in succession. “Do you want to finish fucking, like Magnus said, and go back and join Jace and Conrad and Anton?”

“No,” I whispered, nibbling on his lower lip and spreading a hand across his chest so I could play with one of his nipples. “I want to stay here and fuck slowly, then fall asleep in my beloved’s arms.” I kissed him deeply, drawing his tongue into my mouth so I could suck it. But I stopped halfway through, arched one eyebrow, and said, “Besides, what do you think are the odds of Magnus storming back in here at some point tonight, worked up from pulling strings and forging alliances before the summit even starts, needing to expend energy by fucking us so that he’s able to sleep tonight?”

Neil laughed. “I’d say those odds are pretty high.” He wrapped his arms and legs tighter around me. “And I would be perfectly happy to stay here in bed with you for the entire duration of the summit, if that’s what you wanted to do.”

I let out a sigh, reaching between us to fist both our cocks together. “We have far too much work to do during this summit to keep ourselves to ourselves.” I changed my mind about how I wanted to touch him and threaded my fingers through his hair and slanted my mouth over his, kissing him with all the love that I had for him. “And aside from that,” I said in a teasing voice between kisses, “Jace, Conrad, and Anton would miss us too much if we didn’t at least make out and bring each other off once or twice during the summit.”

Neil laughed and turned bright red. His body flushed with a delicious sort of heat. “Do you think they’ll want to do things again like we did in Gravlock?” he whispered.

I arched one eyebrow. “Do you want to do things again like we did in Gravlock?”

Neil bit his lip and nodded. I braced myself to hear that he wanted to fuck with Conrad again, but he surprised me by saying, “Do you think Jace would want to fuck me?” with a hopeful look in his eyes.

I grinned from ear to ear. “I think Jace would want to fuck anyone,” I said, then quickly added, “but especially you.” I kissed him again, switching back to stroking our pricks together until we were both breathless and sweating. “So you aren’t opposed to me fucking with other men in particular, just ones you don’t approve of.”

“It feels so wicked to admit to that, though,” Neil gasped, then moaned as I brushed my fingertips over the head of his prick. “Could we not talk about it anymore, though? I would rather think about fucking you here, now, instead of either of us being with other men later.”

“I’m all for that,” I said, surging against him and closing my mouth over his.

With Neil, it was so simple and so heartfelt. We both preferred being on the bottom of things, so when we were together, it was all about touching and kissing and things that schoolboys learned in closets and haylofts before they were bold enough to try anything else. But that was perfect for Neil and I, and the more we explored the sweet familiarity of each other’s bodies with our hands and mouths, the closer we came to driving each other wild with pleasure. It didn’t matter that neither of us was bent over into one submissive pose or another, or that the only thing inside of us was an occasional finger or two. Magnus would be more than happy to accommodate those desires later, and in the meantime, I was breathless and ready in mere minutes with Neil, and spilling into his hand with a pleasured cry a few minutes after that. He wasn’t far behind me either, and soon we were limp with satisfaction, overheated, messy, and happy, and dozing off in each other’s arms.

I wasn’t sure how long we napped before Magnus practically leapt back into the yurt, as overstimulated and exuberant as Neil and I had both known he would be.

“I have news for you boys,” he said, shedding his cloak and working loose the buttons of his waistcoat as he stormed across the yurt to the bed.

Neil and I lay in Magnus’s full view, since it was still too hot for blankets, and as we rolled away from each other, stretching, rubbing our eyes, and making room between the two of us for him, where we knew he would be within seconds, he grinned at us with enough spark in his eyes to light the night sky.

“What news?” I asked, splaying leisurely onto my back and giving him everything to look at, including the evidence of what Neil and I had been up to earlier.

“There’s been another attack,” Magnus said, throwing off his shirt and waistcoat, then sitting on the end of the bed to remove his boots. He spoke as though it were a festival day.

“Another attack?” Neil sounded instantly awake. “Where? How?”

“Outside of Hedeon,” Magnus said, yanking off his boots, then arching up to shuck his trousers. “Only a week ago.”

I was fully awake now as well. “That’s so close to here.” I sat up, my heart racing. “And I didn’t think there was supposed to be a faire at Hedeon until closer to harvest time.”

“There wasn’t a faire,” Magnus said, glowing with what I could only describe as joy as he kicked off the rest of his clothes and dove between Neil and I. “And yes, it is close to here, but not that close. Audun doesn’t think Gomez’s army knows any of us are here.”

He pulled Neil into his arms, kissing his neck, while managing to reach for my thigh at the same time, but both Neil and I were too distracted by the wealth of information he’d just dumped on us to be in the mood to fuck.

“Who is Audun?” Neil asked.

“And Gomez of Hedeon has an army?” I blinked. “Does Jace know about this?” Gomez was the noble who had deposed and murdered Jace’s father, the rightful Duke of Hedeon.

“Who did they attack if there wasn’t a faire?” Neil asked before Magnus could answer me, as Magnus nibbled on his shoulder. “And why are you so happy about this?”

Magnus huffed a sigh and flopped to his back, unable to stop smiling. He gathered Neil and I together as though we were an armful of puppies and hugged us both close. “Audun is the new leader of Viktor’s pack,” Magnus said, his hands roving our bodies as best they could when we were both trying to find a way to hold ourselves comfortably above him so we could frown down at him, forcing him to talk before fucking. “Viktor handed over the reins of control, citing his age and desire to do nothing but nap and read books for his remaining days.”

“I suppose that’s what I would want to do when I reach that age,” Neil said.

“Gomez has amassed an army of sorts,” Magnus went on. “Though I question whether three hundred men with swords could actually be called an army. And I’ve no idea if your friend knows.”

I tilted my head to the side. “Three hundred trained men is impressive for the frontier,” I said. “My father’s guards only amounted to one hundred men. Most of the males over eighteen in Novoberg had some sort of training, but at best I would call them a militia. There hasn’t been much call for armies in the frontier.”

“There is now,” Magnus said, cupping the back of my head and pulling me down for a kiss. I never said no to a kiss from Magnus, but part of me thought he’d gone mad somehow. “Which is why I am so blissfully happy,” he went on, kissing Neil the way he’d kissed me. “Though perhaps happy is to quiet a word for it. Energized is more like it.”

“Yes, we can see you’re energized,” I said with a smirk, reaching to close a hand around his stiff cock.

Magnus laughed low in his throat and jerked into my touch. “I am energized because this means the wolves will have to form some sort of a force to counteract Gomez’s army. What is more, Hedeon has strong ties to Neander, and the excuse that was given for their raids on the pack settlements near the city was that they were looking for Lord Igor.”

“But that’s ridiculous,” Neil said. “Lord Igor is with Boris in their settlement near Tesladom.”

“You are correct, my beautiful, darling boy,” Magnus said, kissing Neil again. He writhed as though he was ready to do more.

“Magnus, would you please be still for a moment and explain this whole thing?” I snapped, irritated with his restlessness. “To me, it sounds as though we all have a great deal to worry about, if the cities are attacking wolf settlements on false pretenses now.”

“No one was hurt,” Magnus said, as though that made everything better. “They were merely driven out, their supplies seized, and their dwellings burned.”

“How is that a good thing?” Neil gaped at him.

Magnus let out a breath on a huff and lost all tension in his body for a moment. He stroked my face and Neil’s simultaneously. “It means supplies are low in the cities. It means that if the wolves vote to boycott all remaining faires for the year—which they most certainly will—the cities will be brought to their knees. It means that by spring, they will have weakened, and we will be able to dictate terms to them. And most especially, it means that the wolves have a greater incentive than ever to unify, particularly as we may need to mount an army or a militia of our own to protect ourselves.”

I frowned, mulling over what he’d said. “I can see how this might benefit our cause,” I said cautiously. “But it also puts everyone in a dangerous position.”

“What happened to the wolves who had their homes burned and their supplies seized?” Neil asked, thinking of the human cost, as always.

“I assume they moved on to safer ground, perhaps banding together,” Magnus said to Neil, then turned to me and went on with, “And this puts us in a fantastic position. Audun and Radulph expressed interest in backing me, Ludvig, and Edik tomorrow during the first round of negotiations.”

I knew the name Radulph. He was one of the pack leaders Magnus had had Neil and I study. His mid-size group lived far to the west, almost all the way to Good Port. The packs that far west weren’t as concerned with hardship through the coming winter because of their proximity to the coast. Rumor had it that they did as much trade with pirates from kingdoms on the other side of the sea as they did with anyone in the frontier.

“Do you have enough support to win the negotiations quickly?” I asked, moving my hand from Magnus’s prick to his chest.

“We just might,” Magnus said with a salacious grin, twisting so that he could take my hand and move it back to his cock. “Tomorrow will tell.”

I grinned artfully down at him. “You are ridiculously randy when you’re getting your way in political negotiations.”

Magnus laughed. “I’m ridiculously randy whenever I’m around the two of you,” he said, rolling out from under us and reaching for a jar of ointment resting beside the bed. I squirmed in anticipation, my cock jumping to attention, and started to roll to my side, “Oh, no,” Magnus told me. “Stay just as you are. That ass of yours is too tempting for me to resist.”

“I’m still worried about how close the army of Hedeon could be,” Neil said, shifting to his side.

“You need to stay just as you were too, young man,” Magnus scolded him, taking a generous amount of ointment from the jar and slicking his cock. “As soon as I’ve made Peter come, I’m finishing off in you.”

Neil let out an impatient sound and rolled back to his stomach, then sent me a covert grin.

I laughed as Magnus grasped my hips and pulled them up, my knees moving under me for support. “If Gomez only has three hundred men, even if he did know we were all here, there’s no way he would—oh!”

My logic was cut short as Magnus slipped firmly inside of me. My body was so used to him now, but that didn’t stop me from being caught up in the pleasure of his invasion. Even with my body’s momentary resistance and the slight burn as I accommodated him without preparation, it was my single favorite sensation in the world. That sensation turned my bones to liquid as he found exactly the right way to thrust in me, igniting that spot of pure pleasure. I whimpered with the pleasure of how good it felt. Magnus was so enthusiastic, and everything about the slap of his body and the bruising press of his fingertips into my hips was so magnificent that I was coming before I even thought to handle my cock to speed things along. I cried out, dampening the bedclothes under me with what felt like a flood of cum.

When Magnus had wrung every last drop from me and left me as limp and spent as a rag doll, he shifted to Neil, cleaned himself off with a corner of the bedspread, slathered himself up again, and lifted Neil’s hips to give him the same treatment I’d gotten. Neil took to it just as enthusiastically as I had, making every manner of noise, along with the most amusing face of ecstasy I’d ever seen. He and Magnus were both so transported with pleasure, and the whole thing was so classically overdone and ridiculous, that I couldn’t help but giggle against the pillow as they rushed closer and closer to release. I wasn’t entirely certain who came first, just that they both dissolved into grunts and sighs of pleasure, tensing and relaxing, and Magnus eventually flopped face first between the two of us.

“You’re going to brag about this to your friends for the rest of the summit, aren’t you?” I asked, scooting closer to Magnus as he struggled to catch his breath.

Magnus laughed, struggling to his back. “I’m going to brag about this for the rest of my life,” he admitted.

I laughed with him, shaking my head, and exchanged a teasing grin with Neil—who was utterly spent on Magnus’s other side. Our triumvirate might have been odd to some people or given them pause, but as far as I was concerned, I’d found myself in the exact, perfect arrangement for me. I shifted to my back as well, telling myself I’d worry about the damp and sticky bedclothes in a moment, when I had energy again.

As I started to drift off on a cloud of contentment, Magnus said, “Rest well tonight, my darlings. Tomorrow is when the real work begins.”