Her Twisted Sinners by Ginna Moran

Chapter 6


The Price of a Soul

CASSIUS LATCHES HIS fingers to my shoulders and yanks me against his chest, shooting heavenly light toward the sky at the shadowy souls escaping Hell. The sunlight above disappears behind the dark cloud, and it’s as if Hell comes to Earth. My vision dims, and I dig my fingers into my palms. I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe so many souls have escaped. What does it mean? What happens now?

“Seal it off! Now!” Lucian roars with his words, gathering hellfire and shooting it at the crack.

Cassius engulfs me with his wings, shielding me the best he can as Elias stands in front of us, continuing to blast his heavenly light at the souls trying to come after me. They swirl through the air, creating a funnel, and my heart pounds so hard in my chest that I feel as if it might kill me any second.

“Someone tether them. If they escape, they can possess mortals.” Andre jumps into the air, trying to create his own wind to contain the cloud of dark souls. But it’s not enough. A few of them break free and vanish.

Oh fuck. Did he just say that they can possess humans? My stomach twists at the thought. I have been possessed before, and it was the worst thing in the world.

“Micah, you have to take the tether. You must bind yourself to Hell. It’s the only way. We have to claim what is ours.” Dante hisses and throws green liquid at a growing entity escaping from the crack. It’s an angel trying to pull itself from Hell. But he doesn’t let it.

“We need more power!” Kase whips his tail, knocking another angel through the crack. The devils force their power at the fissure, but it only slowly closes. If they hadn’t cut themselves off from Hell, they would be able to do it without a problem.

Fear clutches me, radiating through my being. I have to do something. But what?

Cassius digs his chin into the crook of my shoulder. “Raven, listen to me. I have an idea about how to control the souls. I want you to open your plane again. If you can open it for me, I can manipulate it around enough to keep the souls within a bubble.”

Shifting his body, Elias looks at me from over his shoulder. “You can ground them to your plane and cut off their soul cycles. It must be done. I know that it might be painful, but you will get through this. We’re here for you. It might be our only chance.”

My chest rises and falls, the anxiety of completing such a task overwhelming me. I don’t know how to control my plane. It just happens on a whim, based on what the twins feel I need.

“I don’t think I can.” I lick my lips and watch as Dante and Kase blast their power at another growing shadow forcing its way out of the shrinking crack to Hell.

“Anything is possible, darlin’. You know this. Come on, have some faith. I know it’s tough and this all seems so hopeless, but it’s not. You’re the most powerful being in the universe. You’re powerful enough that you scare the angelic army. Look at what they have done because of their fear of you. You need to prove them right.” Elias blasts his light toward the swirling souls again, keeping them back once more.

I puff a breath through my lips and slowly nod my head. I don’t know how I’m going to do this, but he’s right. I must have faith in myself. It’s only ever been my devils and me to see things through in my life. I can count on myself. I know it. I just have to be brave.

I shift my hands and rest them on my belly, feeling the babies kick and move, more active than they have ever been. It’s as if they’re trying to escape, or maybe they’re just exhilarated by the power blazing around them. I just hope they can sense what I need help with.

“Okay, you two. Help your mama out, will you? We need to help your daddies.” I rub small circles, closing my eyes and imagining their power coursing through my very being and filling me up. My body buzzes and hums, but it’s not the brilliant warmth I get from my twins. It’s darker, tainted by the Hell-bound souls. They are getting closer. There are just too many of them, and it’s taking Micah too long to grab the tether and bind himself to it.

“You can do it, Raven. Envision it in your mind. Open the door. Imagine you being able to turn the doorknob and see another world. Think about what it feels like entering the realm. Think of the hazy air and the perfect balance of light and dark. Manifest it with your mind. You can do it. Use your senses. What do you see? What do you smell? What do you feel?” Cassius rubs his hands up and down my arms, the gentle wind from his wings stirring my hair.

My closed eyelids flash red as more heavenly light erupts around us. I squeeze my eyes tighter, afraid if I open them then I’ll lose my concentration.

“You got this, darlin’. I see the veil. Break it open,” Elias says, his voice growing deeper with his unending blast of heavenly light. I wonder if he has a breaking point.

I wonder if the world does.

Something shatters, and the world shakes under my feet. The air cools around us, and the bright light fades from my red-tinted eyelids. I gasp as energy zings through me, and a heavy silence blankets the world.

“Oh, unholy Hell! Raven, you’re fucking brilliant.” Dante’s voice booms through the quiet world, startling me.

I snap my eyes open and stare around at the foggy air. All nine of us stand within the haze, and I gawk at all of the dark souls peppering the air, frozen and unable to move. Three fiery angels stand frozen outside of the crack to Hell, no longer able to move. And as for the Hell portal? It’s as if a sheet of impenetrable glass covers it. I can see into it, but nothing can go in or out.

“Everybody circle around her. We need to give her our strength to obliterate these fucking bastards. They’re the worst of the worst. Only the darkest souls are strong enough to escape the Hell plane. There’s no redemption for them.” Kase rushes toward my side and holds his hand out to me. “Remember what you did to the fucking bastard in my kingdom? Channel that rage. You need to end their soul cycles completely.”

I swallow, my whole body aching. I don’t know if it’s because of the amount of power I had to use to create the shift in the planes and bring all my devils and cover the crack or what, but I feel as if I might blackout at any second. I don’t think I’m strong enough for this.

“Hurry the fuck up. Lock the tether to her.” Lucian bounds closer, his hooves shaking the ground. He summons his fire chain and lashes it at me, but it doesn’t hurt me. All it does is wrap around my other hand as he channels power to me.

“Little hellion, we have you, okay? You’re strong enough. You’re capable of doing this. Don’t be afraid.” Andre steps beside Kase and rests his big palm on my shoulder.

“He’s right, heathen. Open your mind to me completely. I will build a mental wall for you. We will fix this together.” Micah stands within the crack a few feet away, but he doesn’t come closer. He can’t. He holds the tether to Hell.

I want so badly to touch him, and it’s enough to shift the world again until I stand within his reach, hovering on the weird glass keeping the souls in Hell.

He reaches out and touches my other shoulder, and Zade and Dante complete the wall around me. Dante expands his wings, shielding us. Cassius and Elias join him, keeping the devils within their glorious wings, the mixture of light and dark stealing my breath away. It’s a beautiful blend of Heaven and Hell and the ultimate power coming together as one.

“Imagine your light and dark blanketing everything around us. You can do it, Raven,” Zade says softly, his eyes glassing over as they meet mine. “I will absorb as much of your pain as I can.”

A wave of cool tranquility courses through me, and I feel myself connect to Zade. He uses the new energy around me, opening up his empathic side to blend our emotions. He doesn’t open himself like this that often to me, but when he does, I savor every second of it.

“That’s it, pretty soul. Use us. We are yours and our power belongs to you.” Dante caresses me with his feathers, and I finally let myself open completely.

My stomach flips as the babies shift and move, and fire erupts in one of my palms while light explodes in the other. Kase and Lucian guide my hands until I press the power together, creating a beautiful fiery light that turns blue in the process. I can’t stop staring at it, and then I realize that my eyes are still closed, and I’m looking at the new power in my mind’s eye.

I see everything differently. The shapes and darkness around me morph into silhouettes of souls, and they squirm and growl. They fight and try to break free of my control over them. I listen as they berate and degrade me, threatening me with eternal torture the second they escape. It’s enough to ignite a rage inside me, and I fling my hands out, sending the Heaven and Hell power through the realm, blasting every unwanted soul in the process.

Colorful light explodes in the air as if I set off a hundred fireworks. I finally open my eyes, looking with my vision instead of my mind. I watch as the energy flickers around us in starbursts decorating the air. The dark souls turn to light, sparkling as if the air itself is made of glitter. The devils shift on their feet and look around, their expressions just as amazed as mine.

I suck in a breath, watching as the glittery light circles around me, and a shock of electricity blasts into my chest. The new energy pours into me like a tidal wave of emotions. I scream out in pain, the shock of absorbing this incredible energy burning me to my very core. My hair lifts around me with static, and the devils react and close in. Zade shouts my name, and I can feel his cooling presence stealing the heatwave. He takes some of the burdens from me, and Micah whispers words of encouragement in my mind, reminding me not to let the power control me. The power is mine to control.

“Raven, remember how we tethered the energy before. Imagine another stone. Manifest it. It must be larger this time.” Kase strokes his hand over mine, trying his best to calm my tense body.

I hold my palms together, imagining a giant multi-faceted gemstone in my hands. I imagine the cool and hard texture and how it will sparkle unlike anything I’ve ever seen before as long as I can manipulate the souls into it.

The density weighs my fingers down as I summon a stone as big as a basketball. The black color shines in the sparkling light, and I force the energy pouring through my veins into my arms and my fingers, setting the stone aglow in rainbow light.

My body trembles and my knees weaken. It takes everything in me to force the overwhelming energy out. My body burns. Hellfire licks across my skin only to have angelic light put it out.

“That’s it, Ray. You’re almost there. Release that last bit.” Lucian places his hands on top of the stone, using his own power to help suck the energy from me.

Ice freezes me, and the light and fire vanish. The world spins. I can’t hold onto my consciousness much longer. It’s too much. It’s as if I just got rid of the one thing keeping me stabilized in this plane.

I open and close my mouth, but only a whimper escapes my lips.

The plane collapses around us, leaving me on the pavement in the Mortal Realm. Brilliant wings envelop me.

I let myself go.


I stare at the dazzling, colorful field of flowers stretching toward an endless blue sky. I don’t know how long I’ve been sitting here, staring, but I know that this isn’t the Mortal World. It’s a dream that I can’t seem to get myself to wake up from.

“Your body needs to rest, little hellion. You’re safe and the crack has been sealed. Just let me help you now.” Andre’s soft voice comes from beside me, and he rests his hand on my bare knee.

I feel bad about not saying much to him. My mind almost made me forget he was even here, but I’m just so exhausted. I can feel it even in my sleep state. He’s right about how hard manipulating the planes was on me physically. Mentally. And losing the energy that I had just gained? It feels as if I lost my soul all over again, despite it being grounded to me. It’s so strange.

“How are the others? Is everyone okay? What about Micah?” The questions spill from my mouth as I managed to grab hold of my awareness and turn away from the colorful flower fields made especially for me. Shifting, I rest my legs over Andre’s and grab his hands, linking our fingers together, just needing to feel him and be close on this level.

“Micah is tough. He knew that he would eventually have to take the tether. He is happy to do so for you. The other devils are currently cleaning up Hell and getting things back in order. Everything will be okay.” He offers me a soft smile.

“Why don’t you sound so sure?” I pout my bottom lip.

“It’s not that, little hellion. I’ve never been more certain about getting through this.” Andre slides his arm around me and pulls me onto his lap. He kisses my shoulder and waits for me to turn to him completely to meet his lips. Even in this dream state, I can feel his hard-on for me. It’s never-ending, and the others always tease him about it being completely eternal. I can’t help squirming on his lap, my focus re-directing to the lust rising inside me, enchanted by the pheromones he releases.

It’s enough to distract me from my worry, but I pull myself away from thinking about it to look into Andre’s eyes. “Then what is it? Don’t think you can distract me with that massive sex stick you have trying to poke my being.” My dream might be seconds away from a fantasy, so I need to get him talking while I still can.

He chuckles, his face lighting up with a smile I’ve missed. I hadn’t noticed until this moment that he hasn’t been smiling at me as much lately, but I know it has nothing to do with me. I know it has to do with the weight of the universe weighing heavily on all my devils. This is truly testing their power.

He wags his brows, flexing his cock beneath me. “Are you sure about that?”

I shove him back, straddling him. Grabbing his wrist, I force his hands over his head and lean over, pressing my big pregnant belly into his taut chest. “Yes. Because I’m going to sit here and pin you down until you tell me. I’m not against torturing you, my lustful devil.”

He play-growls deep in his throat, and his eyes light with hellfire. “Careful, little hellion. You know you’re my perfect brand of torture. I crave it. I crave you. Always.”

Hunching forward, I try to kiss him, but he has to meet me halfway because I just can’t get over the size of my belly to do so. I laugh against his lips and nuzzle my nose to his. “Nice try. You’re going to have to romance me harder than that. Or you can just tell me what’s on your mind, Andre. You don’t have to keep any secrets because you’re afraid of something. I’m here for you. I know how hard things are...well, things that shouldn’t be hard.” Straightening my back, I reach behind me and stroke my fingers across his raging boner resting on my back.

He groans in his throat. “You are something else. Getting me to open up to you on this level, but it doesn’t make me feel vulnerable. I feel stronger.”

I bite my lip between my teeth. “Good. So tell me, and then I will reward you.”

“You make a hard deal, but I accept. I’m just struggling over what needs to happen and what I want to happen. We’ve talked to Cassius.” Andre doesn’t continue, letting me fill the blanks because he knows that I know. Cassius wants to take me away from them to help train me. I don’t even know if I can survive hanging around him for more than a couple of minutes at a time.

“Oh.” I’m not sure what else to say. I don’t want them to feel bad if they agree with Cassius. I know deep down that if he can help me control my new plane, then it’s worth trying. But the thought of losing any time with my devils freaks me out. What if something happens and I deliver early? Not being able to have every second possible with them makes it feel as if I die inside already.

Andre massages his fingers into my arm, sliding his hands lower until they rest on my belly. “I hate the idea of not being with you, but I can’t stand the thought of losing you to Heaven, Raven. I have faith in Cassius. He’s a powerful angel, and I think that he isn’t intended for Hell yet because it’s his purpose to do this first.”

Tears pool in my eyes, and I blink them away. Even in the dreamworld, I feel as if my heart shatters. The blue sky turns dark, and stars glitter above as Andre tries to summon light the only way he can.

My lip trembles. I’m afraid if I speak that my voice will crack, but I know I must say something. “You’re right. I know you’re right, and I know Cassius is right despite me wanting to be stubborn as Hell and not give him the satisfaction of telling him. But if I can learn to manipulate the planes and access my soul, I can get it. I need to get it. We’re running out of time. I’m so scared that we will fail.”

Andre leans up and hugs me close, brushing his lips to my cheeks to smear the tears away. I inhale the scent of his skin, trying to use it to settle my frazzled nerves. His mouth sets me off, and I grab onto the lust radiating from him and use it to suppress my depression and panic. I need something to take the sudden wave of unbidden emotions away.

“Wake me up. Please, Andre. I want to be with you in the Mortal World. I want the reminder that this isn’t a dream. I just want to feel you. Touch you. Be with you. I need something, anything to help keep me from losing my shit.” I ease away from his mouth and peer into his eyes. “Please.”

“Anything for you, little hellion.” Andre leans in, and his handsome face fills my vision.

I intake a sharp breath. The world shifts, and I startle myself awake. The dimly lit room smells of coconut and toasted marshmallows, and I groan as I shift and spot Zade sitting in a chair, watching me in Andre’s embrace.

The second our eyes meet, I throw my arms out toward him. I need us all to be together. “Come here. I need you too. Please help get my emotions in order. I feel out of control.”

Zade doesn’t hesitate and stands from his chair, striding across the room and to the bed. His muscles ripple, and I don’t even let him kneel for long before I yank his shirt over his head and kiss him. Lust fills every molecule on my body, sending tingles through my body. I need relief. I need someone to detonate the bomb ticking inside me, so I can explode and get through this ache consuming me already.

Zade reacts to my affection with hot passion and slides his tongue into my mouth, taking control. He usually doesn’t, but it’s like he craves it in this moment. I can feel his need to take care of me. I can feel his emotions suppressing mine just how I asked. He wants me. He wants Andre to help him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so reactive to my commands. It’s hot.

I reach between us and stroke his cock through his pants. He unbuckles them for me, and I pull his hard-on out. He moans as I rub my fingers over his tip and explore the length of his shaft down to his balls. Andre shifts on the bed beside us and helps undress me, not allowing me to stop kissing Zade in the process. He kisses my shoulder and works his way down, exploring my back while massaging his hands into my boobs, trailing them over my sides until he slips his fingers between my legs.

I moan against Zade’s mouth, the sensation of Andre’s hands working over my clit sending explosions through me. I wish I could easily bend down and suck him, getting him off with my mouth. I want so desperately to taste him. To give in to his desires, his lust intensified by Andre.

“Stand up. She wants to pleasure you, Zade.” It’s as if Andre can read my thoughts and hear my fantasy. And who knows, he might. Just like the way Micah can listen to my thoughts, Andre knows my desires so well and how I love working my mouth over my devils. I love pleasuring them and get off on hearing them moan my name. I get off on them watching me and watching each other. It’s like I can never get enough.

Zade eases away for me, tilting his head to the side and staring deep into my eyes. He silently assesses me to see if Andre is right, and I flick my tongue over my lips and smile.

“You heard him.” My smile widens with my comment, and I rub my hands down Zade’s abs. His eyes close with his anticipation. He carefully stands up, dropping his pants completely, and I lace his cock with my fingers, adding pressure as I lick his tip and suck him into my mouth, rolling my tongue across the bottom of his shaft. He combs his fingers through my hair, pulling it out of the way, and Andre shifts on the bed, working his muscular shoulders between my legs until I sit on his face. I moan as he kisses my thigh, slowly teasing me as he works his way to my clit. Sucking it into his mouth, he ignites an explosion of incredible sensations through my body, and I gasp and suck Zade farther in. He takes over for me and guides my head, getting me to deep throat him. I cling onto his ass cheeks, digging my nails into his skin and scratching lightly.

Andre works me over, harder and faster, using his whole face to get me off. I squeeze him between my thighs, the intensity of pleasure building and building until I feel as if I’ll explode. He slides a finger inside me and strokes my G spot, determined to give me an orgasm that will strike my very center.

My whole body clenches, and I scream my pleasure, the vibration of my voice zinging over Zade. He comes in my mouth, set off by our deep-seated connection. Our emotions tangle with each other. I swallow and slow down, trying to catch my breath. I feel so incredible in this moment. I want more. I crave more. The pheromones that Andre releases into the air make everything that much more intense.

“I need you, little hellion. I’m starving.” Andre nudges me down lower until my slickness glides over his majestic cock, the size of him still daunting even though I know he can use his Hell power to ensure we have only pure pleasure.

Zade crawls closer and climbs behind me, straddling Andre too. He lifts me up by my ass, positioning my body while helping Andre guide his cock inside me. I wish I could see everything. I want to know exactly what it looks like having the king of lust spread me open.

“Let me see,” I whisper, voicing my desires, knowing how much they love when I do so. “It makes me so hot.”

Zade uses his purple power and manifests a mirror into his palm, holding it just right so I can see my body connect to Andre’s. I can also see how hard Zade is again and how his cock rests so close to Andre’s ass that I can’t help thinking about whether Andre would like to feel that kind of pleasure as well.

“Careful, Zade. Keep teasing Andre like that, and I’m going to ask you to fuck him as he fucks me.” I smile at Zade’s reflection in the mirror as he stares at it from over my shoulder. His eyes flash with his power. I just put a thought in his head, and he can feel my emotions and how I want to see such a thing. “Andre, wouldn’t you like that?”

Andre licks his lips, stroking his fingers over my exposed clit. “I’d love that. The pleasure of being with both of you feeds my very being. Zade, you can fuck both of us if you want. I’ll leave the decision up to you.”

Zade exhales, his whole body shuddering behind me, and Andre summons a bottle of lube. I already know Zade wants to give in to both of our desires and his own. We all love each other, and this is more than about sex. This is about the bond we share. Their companionship runs so deeply that I can feel it the same way I feel it with Kase and Dante. They do things that feel good and bring pleasure to all of us. It’s not about just one of us individually. It’s about us as a whole.

Zade squirts lube across his cock, and I watch his hand slicking his hard-on. I slowly bounce on top of Andre, wanting to give him the most pleasure imaginable as Zade adjusts his body, spreading his legs until he can position himself just right. Andre reaches forward and balances me on him until I plant my feet to the mattress for better leverage. I can control how much he enters me, but I know that the second I slide all the way down, feeling as if my insides rearrange, that I will be here until he gets his fill. The pressure builds as his cock expands and he locks on to me.

I gasp and draw my attention back to the mirror watching as Zade slides into Andre’s ass, and both of them moan in unison. Heat builds between my legs. I feel my desire dripping down Andre, making things even more slippery. Pleasure sizzles through me, and I can lose myself in what Zade and Andre experience.

Kissing my shoulder, Zade whispers how good Andre feels. I smile, keeping my gaze on Andre, gasping every time I bounce on him. I love how our passion softens his face, and he moans loudly, enjoying every second of pleasure. Reaching up, he rolls my hard nipples between his fingers, exploring my body as Zade’s hips bump my ass as he fucks Andre harder and faster. Pressing into me, Zade draws his hand lower and rubs my clit, increasing my pleasure until my body tenses and I scream out. Andre grunts as he comes inside me, and I see a flash of fire as I feed his power, our orgasms in sync and breathtaking.

“Come on, Zade, fuck him harder. I want to hear him moan. Get him to come again.” I gasp with my words, loving Andre’s reaction. I practically fall forward and rest my hands on Andre’s chest as Zade lifts up his legs, spreading him open wider. Andre stretches and kisses me, sliding his tongue into my mouth, moaning and panting against my lips as we share a breath.

“It feels better than I could ever imagine.” Andre kisses me with his words. “The connection I feel, having my perfect woman ensure that I get what I need is the best gift in the universe.”

“I love you, Andre. I’ll do anything for you.” I tip my head back and look at Zade upside down. “You too, Zade. I love you and your loyalty and desire to take care of both of us.

“I wish I could’ve seen things sooner,” he murmurs, continuing to play with my clit as he fucks Andre.

“It was supposed to be this way. I know that now. You had to come at your own time. Had you jumped any sooner, you might have resented us.” Andre grunts again, and I feel his orgasm ripple through me, the pressure building again.

Zade nips my shoulder with his teeth, and his body reacts as he finishes. But it’s not over yet. Andre isn’t ready to let me go.

Zade lowers Andre to the bed and shifts off, watching as I slide up and down Andre, picking up speed, but my body trembles, and it’s hard to keep up in this position.

Zade takes over, spreading my legs as he holds me, guiding me up and down on Andre faster and harder until all I can do is scream out my pleasure in bursts. Andre continues to rub my clit over and over again until my body explodes once more. My eyes roll back in my head, and I rest on Zade’s pec, just savoring the sensation of pure and utter bliss coursing through me. Zade hardens again, and he helps Andre scoot to the edge of the bed until he can stand between his legs. I rest on my hands and knees, and Andre manages to rock his hips up and keep the pace for me, letting me enjoy the sensation of being fucked by the devil of lust.

“I want you now, Raven,” Zade murmurs from behind me, stroking himself and adding more lube to his cock.

I let my hair hang forward and moan my agreement, my words refusing to form. Zade spanks me, massaging his fingers into my ass cheeks as he spreads me wider. He leans down and kisses me before gliding his tongue along my body, slowly using his finger to work me up from behind. Andre groans with a new wave of pleasure, and I know that he will come again.

He slows down enough so that Zade can position himself to my ass, and I gasp and moan as he teases me with his tip, waiting for my body to adjust to his size to let him in. I whimper in pleasure and pain until the ache of getting used to him shifts into ecstasy, and Andre summons a vibrator, the small toy fitting perfectly under my lips to zing across my clit. My body holds it in place, and I scream in pleasure and orgasm again after just a couple of seconds, the intensity of getting fucked in the ass at the same time as Andre remains knotted to me, drinking in his fill of my pleasure so much that my body just reacts.

Heat radiates from my core and courses through the rest of me, and Zade moans, his voice louder as he enjoys my body at the same time as Andre. I give in to their every desire and lie complacent, letting them have control. It ignites their devilish nature, and I watch as Andre’s devil side breaks free. I reach out and grab onto his tail, stroking it as I close my eyes and lose myself to everything that they create in me. Because with them together, I feel as if nothing can get between us. We can take on the whole damn world. We can take on the universe.

But we don’t want to take on either. We want to save them. And I know we can.

My body clenches, and my muscles spasm as I orgasm again. The pressure between my legs subsides, and Andre grunts as he comes one last time and manages to slide out of me. I sink onto him, arching my back and keeping my ass in the air as Zade finishes up and moans one last time. The two of them sandwich me between them without squishing me, and we lie in bed in a tangle of arms and legs, kissing and enjoying each other.

“Let me get Dante. I want to make sure that you feel amazing. I know things get a little rough with me.” Andre kisses my forehead, ensuring that Zade cuddles me in his arms. “I’ll start a bath as well.”

All I can do is nod my head. The incredible energy zinging through the room fills me up and makes me feel complete. I feel whole again. I never want it to end.

But then I see Cassius gazing at me from the hallway as Dante enters the room alone, shutting the door in his face.

It’s a wakeup call. I know that this can’t last forever.

I know what I must do.

I must put my life in the hands of the bastard who has a lot of making up to do.

I have to trust Pride. I just hope this isn’t a mistake.

I hope after this is done, he’ll see that his path leads to Hell, and he’ll jump.

I count on it.

Pride will fall next.