Her Twisted Sinners by Ginna Moran

Chapter 4


Bundle of Joy

“SHE’S FINALLY ASLEEP,” Andre says, standing in the hallway.

I know it’s his night, but I want nothing more than to shove past him to join Raven in bed for a cuddle session. There’s just something about cradling her from behind and resting my hands on her voluptuous, beautiful pregnant belly that just gives me the sort of peace I never knew I’d get again.

“You make sure she has a glass of water and a snack at her bedside?” I shift on my feet and turn my attention to Dante sitting on the edge of the couch. He wants to run to Raven as well. I’m nearly fucking sure all of us do. She probably wouldn’t mind a devilish cuddle pile, but we have other shit to deal with first. And I fucking hate it. This should be the time where we can just cuddle and love up on angel-girl, and I want to destroy the universe far more than the angelic army does because I can’t.

“I even put her special vibrator on the pillow beside her in case she wakes up and can’t wait the few seconds it takes for us to come running.” Andre smirks with his words, and I can’t help chuckling. Dante went all out with that custom piece of a pleasure weapon. Raven doesn’t have to even stretch to get off, the length and curve of the bean buzzer tailored to her pregnant body.

I whack him on the shoulder. “Good man. Always looking out for our girl’s endless appetite.”

“Forever. I made her a promise just as you have. Plus, I think I might be a bit responsible for her desire and never want her to get frustrated because of it.” Andre strolls past me, striding across the living room and to the couch where Zade sits and stares at the ceiling. The fucker still doesn’t take a lot of initiative, and it drives me crazy. He’s lucky that he has Andre on his side or else I’d be constantly whipping him with my tail, treating him like my little bitch.

“Only a bit responsible?” Lucian smacks his hand against the wall, standing just outside of his room. “We all live with constant boners, and I’m pretty sure Raven hasn’t had a dry pair of panties in who knows how long...not that I’m complaining. She’s so hot.”

He’s fucking right about that. I didn’t know she could get even sexier, but she does. I love seeing her like this. I love knowing that she grows life from us. It’s not something I ever thought about as a devil. It’s almost as if she gives us the chance to feel what it’s like to be mortal. If only the angelic army didn’t make it feel like shit half the time. I could do without their righteous attitudes.

“Damn. Let’s get this over with so we can spend some time with her. You know she’s been all over the place emotionally. We should’ve already had this shit taken care of.” Dante rubs his hands on his knees, shifting forward without getting up.

“He’s right. We need to evaluate what’s going on with Hell and the mortal souls being unleashed to wander that plane.” Micah speaks up from his spot leaning against the wall. I’m surprised to see Elias isn’t with him, but I know he left to follow Cassius. I can’t trust the prideful bastard, but I know that Elias will make sure he doesn’t turn things to shit. He feels he has to find redemption with Raven and wants her to survive as much as me. He doesn’t want our children losing their mother to Heaven. To anyone, really. Cassius was right about the grief holding Raven’s soul hostage. He wouldn’t want her to suffer like that. I know that some of the others are concerned that he will betray us because if we fail, he still has Raven. He still can access Heaven and be with her. But I know he’s not as greedy as he sometimes acts. His greed falls in line with himself, but he has a weak spot for our woman.

“All right, Micah. You do the honors. Everyone get the fuck up. Keep shit together. I’ll make you watch me fuck Raven for a week and deprive you assholes of her if any of the commotion wakes her up. Andre shouldn’t have to put her to sleep because she’s too stressed to do so on her own. It isn’t good for our spawns.” I clap my hands together and motion to the others to get their asses up to surround the summoning circle. We’re only going to crack it open a bit to get a better view. Dante warned me earlier that it was a shitshow, so as much as we’d rather ignore it, we need to do something even if it’s temporarily.

The heavenly bastards that have tried stealing Hell only to let it implode don’t stand a chance against us. We can set all the souls straight and return them where they belong. We will need to act fast, but it’ll at least settle the balance a bit until we get Raven’s soul. Because it seems as if the angelic army is going to hit hard and fast, and not even at us. They’re just going after humanity. The fuckers. Don’t they realize that’s how everyone gets their powers? They think they can just reset everything, but they’re going to destroy it completely. They’re not all-knowing or powerful. They haven’t been around forever like we have.

I guess the Higher Power needs us to do its work after all. It’s going to fucking owe us. We don’t do shit for nothing anymore.

Lucian cracks his neck, unleashing his devil façade first. It’s about to get really fucking hot in here. Stomping his massive hoof, Lucian sets the summoning circle aglow in a ring of fire. Micah growls deep from his chest, the sound vibrating over my body and down to my balls. Son of a bitch. I shouldn’t like it, but the sensation entangled with the arousal of Hell gets to me in a good way. And now my hard cock wants to fuck something. If I didn’t think Raven would pout about not getting to watch, I’d bend Dante over just for relief until I can get my angel-girl.

“Shit, grab it.” Lucian whacks Micah between the shoulder blades, forcing him into the circle for him to summon the tether. We need him to connect to it just long enough to tap into our kingdoms.

Micah growls again, revealing his hellish form, and he bows forward, forcing the portal open wide enough to snatch the tether, connecting us to the plane. The floor rumbles around us, and Andre reaches out and braces himself on my shoulder. He’s lucky he’s on my good side or else I might knock him in the nuts for making it harder for me to snatch the power from my kingdom to whip my souls into submission.

“Okay, done. You all have five minutes. I’m not as strong as you. My body wants to return to my kingdom.” Micah unleashes a wave of orange fire from his palm, using it to keep him grounded to this plane.

Whipping my tail, I lasso it around his waist. “You heard him. Go!”

The world darkens around us, and we shift planes while still anchored to the Mortal Realm. Micah not only keeps his focus on linking us to Hell, but he also keeps his mind open to Raven, ensuring no bullshit happens in the next five minutes.

Screams screech through the air, and I land in a crouch on the middle of the onyx path cutting through my kingdom. Shadows flicker around me, the souls of the damned running wild. I don’t see even one of my goddamned minion demons, and I roar, shooting a ball of Hell power toward the nearest soul tree, smoldering vibrant red electricity across the branches. It’s empty. The tree no longer contains a soul facing eternal punishment. The battles of the wrathful no longer litter the ruby fields either.

“You piece of shit! You’re going to regret returning. This isn’t your kingdom any longer.” The annoyingly familiar voice erupts from behind me. “We’ve been saved!”

Fucking Hell. This shitbag can’t seriously think he can—

A scrawny, rancid-smelling soul crashes into my back, trying to knock me off my feet. I reach behind me and snag the fucker with my claws, ripping it over my shoulder to throw the bastard in front of me. Raven’s ex-fiancé materializes from his shadowy state, his arm still severed from where I bit the thing off. His eyes widen for a split second, but then he gathers his confidence and attempts to get to his feet.

I slam my paw onto him, crushing him into the ground until he screams. “Who the fuck do you think you are?” I ask, snarling and spitting red Hell power at him. “I might’ve left my kingdom, but Hell still belongs to the devils. Humanity isn’t strong enough to handle such power. We will be back, dickhole. Consider my absence as paternity leave.”

I grin with my words, watching as Joel processes and realizes exactly what I said. “I knocked Raven up, and we’re about to start a fucking new generation of power unlike anything the universe has ever seen. This little shitshow you’ve started here is about to end. We’re cleaning house. I plan to start with you.”

Swiping my claws, I strike Joel across the chest, ripping at his very being. He screams, his voice high-pitched with agony, and I savor the sound of his torture. It feeds my power and my devilish nature. I will devour his energy until he is no more. He deserves a fate such as this. I thought eternal torture would be best, but now I have my heart set on ensuring he never exists again.

“Wait! Wait! I want to make a deal. I can lead you to the bastards who freed us.” Joel holds his hands up, trying to block me. The chickenshit bastard trembles, his solid form shifting to a shadowy haze and back as he attempts to run. The fucker isn’t going anywhere though.

I decide to humor him but only because it’ll make his obliteration far more satisfying if I allow Raven to see. I know she’d want to. Punishing souls has turned into one of her favorite pastimes, and it’s been a while since she’s been able to. What better soul to fuck over and destroy than the man who tried to steal her light? The man who fucking abused her and treated her as less than human. I get angry just thinking about it. I want to rip off his other arm and whack him in his tiny dick for it. Fuck. I can do both. I’ll punish him and then act as if I’m giving him mercy.

“Let me think...no.” Jerking my head forward, I snatch his hand in between my jaws and bite down, crunching it with my power. I might plan to humor him, but I also plan to torture him and make him beg. He’s my little bitch.

“Wait! Please!” Joel struggles to pull away, and I release him without taking his hand clean off. He tastes as foul as the smell permeating around him.

I swipe my claws at him, scratching his gut next. “Give me a good reason.”

“The angel is here. She’s in your palace right now,” Joel says, locking his hand around one of my claws as if he can even stop me from impaling him.

I close my long toes, snapping his index finger right off. “Not good enough. I don’t have time to start a proper battle with the bitch.”

“Then what do you want?” He screams as tears trail down his face.

“You to eat the ass of my shittiest demon minion.” I drag my tongue across his cheek and savor his pain and anguish. I wish I could bottle it up so Raven could have a taste of his torment. “Only then, will I consider letting you exist another minute longer.” I sense Micah trying to take me back. He’s losing his strength. Not his strength to hold onto the tether, but his strength in resisting it.

Joel sobs. “Please—”

I slam my paw into his face, shoving him down and silencing him. Micah calls my name, forcing me to turn my attention to him and away from the Joel. Rage ignites inside me, my connection to Hell filling me with the need to dish out punishment.

“Twenty seconds. Raven woke up. I’m trying to keep her back, but she’s acting as if she’s hypnotized.” Micah’s voice rumbles through my mind as he speaks through our connection.

Damn it. I need to get my shit together.

“You better fucking keep her back, Micah.” I roar, blowing a breath of Hell power in Joel’s face.

“Then somebody else take the damn tether!” Micah’s desperation rings through my mind, and I know it’s serious if he’s swearing. It takes punching him in the nuts to get him to speak like a devil. Cassius is far worse than he is.

“Lucian,” I say, trying to reach out to him through our kingdom link.

But it’s too late. Micah shouts Raven’s name, and it’s as if her being comes to one of the places most familiar to her because I watch as she freefalls from above toward the frozen ruby lake. I launch away from Joel and charge in her direction, whipping my tail out and snatching her from the air before she can hit the plane. Her soul radiates with light, singeing my skin, but I don’t let her go. Her hair veils her face, her muscles tighter than her sexy ass.

She screams and bucks her body, swinging her arms and shouting as if she doesn’t know what’s going on. She yells for help, acting as if she doesn’t realize I have her. My whole body reacts, and I roar, shouting in her face, trying to snap her out of her trance. Her eyes stare off at nothingness, and I watch as light and dark radiate from her core.

I touch her chin. “Raven. Look at me. Focus on me.” Resting my paw on her belly, I growl deep enough to send a rumble through her. “Little spawns, don’t take your mama away. I know you want to protect her, but you’re safe. Daddy has you.” I lean forward and snuggle against Raven, feeling as her body finally relaxes as she stops fighting.

She gasps and curls her arms around me, yanking my horns as she tries to orient herself to what happened. “Kase...”

“Everyone, finish up. I got our woman. She’s safe.” I inspect every inch of her to be sure. Her eyes lock to mine, glassy with tears, and I lean in and lick her. “She just needs a minute, and we’ll be right back.”

Raven snuggles her face against me. I transform back into my human façade completely, showering her with a dozen kisses. She smiles as I work my way down and blow raspberries into her cleavage, her tits glorious and plump, and enticing me to want to give her a warmup to show her what she’s in for with those spawns of ours. Desensitize her to getting bit on the nips on occasion.

“Thank fucking Hell you caught me.” Raven’s voice shakes, and she clutches my head, easing me away from her tits. “I hadn’t realized I entered through the portal. That was fucking freaky.”

“Micah is going to want to punish your ass later. Why don’t you let me prepare you? I can love you up for a bit. Help calm that racing heart.” I sneak my tail around her, teasing her ass, feeling her pucker.

She gasps a laugh. “You know you’re just going to make my heart beat faster.”

“As long as it’s for the right reason.” I grin and lean in, kissing her forehead. She groans and hugs me tighter, savoring my affection and silently begging me to just hug her and cuddle her. I’ll give her whatever she wants.

“I knew you were an unfaithful bitch, and it’s so fucking satisfying to see that you screwed over the devils.” Joel’s voice slashes through the air, his sudden appearance tensing Raven’s muscles.

This dickhole. How dare he speak to my angel-girl like this.

I snarl, gathering Hell power in my palm. Raven snatches me by my wrist, not letting me shoot a wave of fury at the bastard. Her eyes light with the fires of Hell around us, and she heaves a breath of agitation. I love how confident she is in this moment. There was a time that she was so afraid of this rotten soul that she’d have panicked. But now? She’s embodying the glorious wrath of my kingdom.

“You’re a psychotic, stupid, shitface, murdering bastard! You have a lot of fucking nerve coming and accusing me of cheating on my devils. I’ve never cheated on anyone in my life.” Whipping her attention around, Raven tries to confront Joel. I loosen my hold just enough for her to face the asshole.

“You’re a liar.” Joel jerks his eyes to mine. “She’s a fucking liar. A bitch. I know she was sleeping around on me.”

His soul is about to be obliterated.

I don’t even get the chance to react as flames burst from Raven and swallow Joel, sending him to his knees. He screams and writhes in pain, arching his back. Raven wiggles in my arms, and I finally let her down. I know she wants to tear the fucker another ten assholes for the demons to play with, and I’m here for it. I find her need to put him in his place so fucking sexy. I feel like I want to fuck her brains out while she does it.

“You have no control over me here! Your words mean nothing. You can’t manipulate my devil. He knows me, and he knows you as the scumbag, douche canoe you are. You will pay for all the pain you put me through. You will pay for your sins. You will never, and I mean fucking never, find peace. You’ll never reach Purgatory. You’ll suffer. Forever.”

Raven strides forward, the Hell power in her palms turning into brilliant light. Her body sets a glow with the heavenly power, and I squint as heat radiates across my skin. I’ve never seen her summon so much at once. Hell doesn’t even stand a chance against it. My kingdom rumbles around us, and I lace my tail around her belly, keeping her steady as she moves forward through the quaking world.

“Raven, please! Please, I’m sorry.” Joel’s pain and agony waft through the air, the scent like sweet vanilla. I inhale a deep breath, savoring it even more.

“It’s too late. Your soul cycle is over forever. You will never hurt anyone again.” Raven thrusts her arms out, shooting the heavenly light at Joel, and his body explodes like a bright white firework. Hot wind whips around her, sending her hair blowing, and I gawk in surprise as Joel’s very essence turns into a tornado and swirls around her. The energy left behind by his soul’s annihilation funnels itself into Raven, and for a second, I glimpse glorious horns protruding from her head. Bright wings sprout from her back, and she flaps them once before her new image vanishes, leaving her on her knees in her mortal state.

She hunches over and clutches her stomach, and I drop down, bowing over her. I’ve never seen anything like this before, and the power radiating from her gives me a massive fucking boner. She encompasses what I remember of being with the Higher Power. It’s as if she has now been made in its mirror image. She carries both light and dark, and it’s not only because of the babies. It’s her. She might not have her soul, but the power she got from Joel is as if she managed to create another from nothing. She is the ultimate creator of life, and she’s the ultimate destroyer.

“Unholy fucking Hell, angel-girl. Look at me. Let me see your eyes.” I tilt her head up and search her gaze, seeing fire light one of her blue irises while the most beautiful silver flicks in the other. “Are you okay? What about the babies? You fucking devoured him. You changed his very energy.”

Raven doesn’t speak. She continues to cup her stomach while staring at me, her pouty mouth breathing in and out as she puffs her bottom lip.

Fear strikes me in the chest, and for the first time in a long time, I’m afraid. I’m not afraid of Raven. I’m afraid for her. She might embody a wicked amount of power in this moment, but she’s still mortal. She looks as if she might break or shatter at any second. I can’t allow it. I won’t allow it.

I gather her into my arms and send power around us, shifting us from my kingdom and back to the Mortal World. She gasps at the sensation of falling through the planes, and I steady myself, grabbing on to Dante’s shoulder as I return to the summoning circle.

Everyone surrounds us, but the intensity of their emotions, aroused by Raven, leaves her panting harder. She needs space. I can see it in her eyes,

“Give me a second,” she whispers, her voice hoarse. “Kase, please take me to the room.”

I follow her orders, pushing past the others even though I know they want to follow behind. I threaten them with a growl and strut down the hallway and to our king bed, setting her on the edge to kneel before her.

“Breathe in and out, angel-girl. You just absorbed energy incomparable to anything you’ve ever experienced. That’s some devil and angel shit right there.” I massage my fingers into her shoulders, shifting her legs to be able to get as close as possible.

“I feel weird. I feel like I have a soul, and everything is a million times more intense.” She bows forward and rests her head on my shoulder. “I feel as if I’m going to explode. Everything hurts.”

I lean forward and press my forehead to hers, sharing her breath, encouraging her to breathe in and out with me. “You can release it. I want you to hold out your palms, and I want you to focus on that sensation crawling through you. I want you to imagine it flowing through your body from your heart and into your hands. Will it to form in one central location.”

Bobbing her head, Raven closes her eyes. “I don’t want to let it go. I don’t want to return to how I felt before. I just...I feel so out of control.”

“You don’t have to let it go. You just need to be grounded.” I close my hand around hers and summon a stone, using my Hell power. She wiggles her fingers and opens her hand, revealing the black rock. I rub my finger across it. “Try it on this first. I know that you aren’t familiar with how to shift energy, so I’ve made this for you. I want you to channel it into the stone. Once that’s complete, we’ll ground it in your plane. Okay?”

“Okay.” Her voice barely comes out a whisper.

I release her hand and touch my palms to her belly, feeling the babies shift and move in anticipation for her to tap into power. “Help your mama out, little spawns. She needs you.”

A soft smile crosses Raven’s lips, and I lean forward and brush mine to hers, showing her that I’m here for her on every level she needs. I know I’m a horny fucking bastard, and I can’t help it with how sexy and irresistible she is, but I can be more than her pleasure devil. I’m ready to be so much more.

She eases away from me and sucks her bottom lip into her mouth as if she wants to taste my lips for a moment longer. And damn it. My fucking cock throbs and my balls tighten. I hope that I’m a good enough teacher to get this over quickly, so I can bury my damn face between her thighs and reward her for being such a good angel-girl. She needs some orgasms. It’ll uplift her more than anything else.

“Close your eyes again. Do exactly what I say. Imagine you’re pushing the energy through your body and working it toward your palms. Feel the stone in your hand and squeeze it if you have to. Use your mind to channel the power. Imagine that you’re winding a cord around the stone, growing it in size but also leaving an end open that we can tie up.” I stroke my hands along her stomach, encouraging her while enjoying the closeness of the babies.

Energy hums from Raven, and I close my eyes and feel it pulsing through her. She whimpers under her breath, and I shift my hand from her belly to cup it around her fingers. She relaxes as I imagine helping her guide the power through her veins. I know it’s uncomfortable for her. No mortal has ever contained such power, and I hope my presence is enough to get her through. Actually, I know she’s strong enough to get through. She doesn’t need me. But I need her. I need her more than anything in existence. So does the universe. Heaven and Hell.

“You’re almost done, angel-girl. Do you feel it? It should feel as if you’re holding something incredibly heavy and powerful in your palm.” I rub my thumb across the side of her wrist.

“You mean like your cock? If that’s the case, maybe. I think yours is a million times mightier.” She releases a breath, her beautiful face smiling with so much love and appreciation that I could live right here, watching her for eternity. She brings out the romantic side of me, and I know how much she loves it.

“Fuck yeah, it is. Nothing can compare...well, except maybe Andre’s gigantic pussy pulverizer. It still amazes me how tough you are. I clench my ass every time I see him spread you open.” I’m only teasing, but I would say anything to make her continue to smile.

Tipping her head back, she laughs loudly, her voice echoing through the room. She doesn’t even realize the onyx stone in her hand turns red, and I carefully ease her fingers away from the heavy rock to show her just how incredible she is. Her eyes widen, and I place my hand on top, sandwiching the soul stone between our palms.

“Now let’s get rid of this fucking thing so I can reward you for being so brave. I plan to lick your clit until you beg me to give you a break. I can’t wait. I need those thighs locked around my face. I need you to ride me so hard that you could possibly send me back to Hell.”

Raven moans at the thought, and I graze my free hand over her eyes, getting her to close them again. I whisper to her belly to check that they’re playing just a little, and I watch as light and shadow weave around us as the veil thins.

“I feel so strange,” Raven says, loosening her hold. “Do you think this plane could possibly be Purgatory one day?”

I wish I had the answers, but I don’t. I don’t know exactly what the angel and devil spawn can do, but I can’t wait to fucking find out. They amaze me so much already just like Raven does.

“No idea, but whatever it is will be absolutely powerful enough to contain souls just like Heaven and Hell. So let the stone go. Just drop it. It will ground itself and still allow you to connect to it.”

Raven turns her hand over and drops the stone. It sparks as it connects to the other plane. The veil thickens, cutting us off, and I engulf Raven in my arms and hug her, showering her with a dozen kisses.

“I did it,” she says, awe in her voice. She didn’t think she could, and I hope this proves to her that she’s capable of anything and everything.

“Fuck yeah, you did. Now give me your fucking delicious pussy and sit on my damn face. I feel like letting you ride my horns for a bit.” I climb onto the bed beside her and pull her on top of me, dragging her to my face by the backs of her knees.

She laughs and squirms, playing hard to get but also teasing me by stretching back to stroke her fingers over my cock through my pants. I tear the side of her panties and let her dress billow over my face, cutting the world off to where I can just have my way with her body.

Using my tail, I slide it just under her tits and lift her up, forcing her to turn around until her ass plants right on my forehead. I tease her with my lips, tasting her skin as I adjust her and unleash my devil side enough to where she can sit on my horn, the blunt middle one perfect for her to bounce on while I use my demon tongue to taste her how I want.

Raven pulls at her dress, lifting it over her head, and she contorts her body, trying to see me under her pregnant belly. I love teasing her. I know it frustrates her not being able to see past the bulge, but it’s a whole new level of surprise.

“You better fucking ride me hard, angel-girl. If you do so, maybe I’ll let you watch in the mirror.” I growl, sending vibrations through her body.

She moans, wiggling and using her knees to bounce. “I need Dante’s fucking swing. This is getting harder to do.” She stretches the best she can, trying to grab at my pants, and I can’t stop smiling at her effort. I continue to lick her and use my tail to lift and drop her until I know she’ll squirt on my face because of the curve of my horn rubbing just right against her G-spot.

“You can tell him that. I have you the way I want you. Now relax. Enjoy everything.” I flick my tongue, licking her pussy as if it’s what I need to survive on. Her murmurs turn into gasping moans until her body clenches, and I feel her spray across my chest, soaking my shirt. And damn. It’s so fucking hot. She has no idea.

I lift her off of me, and she trembles and gasps, her pouty mouth looking so fuckable, but I plan to fuck her how she wants instead. Even the spawns are going to feel the power radiate through her, and they will be reminded of how they came into existence through such passion.

Raven would smack me upside the head for even thinking it. I’m just so damn proud of our creation. It might be a little twisted, but I am a devil after all.

“It’s your choice tonight. Do you want to be on top, pressed against that wall with me carrying you, or maybe a little pounding from behind on all fours?” I yank off my shirt and unbuckle my belt. Raven crawls forward on her hands and knees and grabs at my pants, doing the honors of pulling them down until she laces her fingers around my cock. She bites her lip as she rubs her hand along the length, thinking over my question.

Silently, she turns around and gets on her hands and knees, shaking her ass teasingly. I growl and crawl forward, loving seeing her answer me this way instead of having her just tell me to do what I want. I know she loves to give me control, but sometimes I just feel like taking care of her how she desires. If she’s in the mood for me to fuck her from behind doggy style, then I’ll do it so hard that she gets slapped by my balls too.

Swiping my belt off the bed, I fold it in half and spank her with it once, loving how she gasps and looks at me from over her shoulder with heavy eyelids. I align my body to hers and massage my fingers into her ass cheeks, savoring the view. I tease her with the tip of my cock and use my tail to play with her clit, slickening it with her desire. She wants me to fuck her ass too. I know it. I can see that star pucker just for me, and I can’t wait to feel how good she is in this moment. I’m going to fuck her until she can’t think any more about Heaven or Hell, the planes or souls, or any of that damn bullshit. I’m going to fuck her until all she can think about is my cock and my body and how I make her feel.

Raven moans as I glide into her until my hips smack her ass cheeks. I shift my hands from her hips and lean forward, cupping her belly to keep her in place and comfortable. I will support her completely physically and mentally in any way I can. I just want her to enjoy it.

“Hold on tight, little spawns. Things are about to get bumpy.” I thrust deeper with my words, grinning as Raven cracks up, her voice so light and beautiful that I can listen to it forever. She feels so hot and wet. I can’t get enough of her. I rock my body, holding her and keeping a good rhythm, losing myself to the sound of our moans and pleasure. Using my tail, I slip it into her ass, just teasing her and stuffing her with everything I know she loves. The pressure does incredible things, and I feel my Hell form break free.

Raven arches her back, looking so incredibly sexy, and she glances at me in the mirror in front of us. She loves watching herself get fucked as much as I love watching her. It’s been her thing for a while. She loves to be watched as well.

I bet all the devils are hovering right outside the door listening, and I nearly shout for them to just crack it open and peek in. Because they should see just how damn sexy our soul is.

But I don’t have to tell them.

I catch sight of Dante standing in the doorway with Andre behind him. I bet Lucian is about to lose his shit because he can’t get the best view as Zade stands in his way.

“I hope you fuckers are jealous.” I grunt with my words, thrusting and picking up speed.

Raven can’t even speak because I fuck her so hard, and she stares at me, never taking her gaze away from our reflections. I love how in this moment, her mind focuses on the pleasure between us and nothing else.

I feel like more than a devil. I feel like a fucking God as I pump the Hell into our woman until she screams out in bliss, her pussy tightening so hard around my cock that I’m not sure she’ll ever let me go. Not that I want her to.

Her pulsing body is enough to strike me in the balls, and I groan as I come, the force of our passion rumbling the bed. Raven shoots fire from her palms, smoldering the comforter, and I holler in approval and smack her ass once more before flipping us over to have her lie on top of me. I grab her thighs and spread her legs wide, showing off how fucking hot her body looks with me inside her to the other devils.

“Bow down to her beauty, assholes,” I say, panting and gasping into Raven’s hair. “Whoever does so first can have the next taste.”

A flash of light radiates in the hallway, drawing everyone’s attention. Elias’s arrival puts a stop to the fun we are about to have.

He flaps his wings and pushes past Dante, entering the room. “Damn it. You guys can fuck me up later for this interruption, but shit is going down. I need you to see this.”

I growl and slide my tail out of Raven just to whip it in his direction. “It can’t wait?”

Elias shakes his head. “No. Now fucking hurry. We don’t have time to waste.”