Her Twisted Sinners by Ginna Moran



Eternal Paradise

I MOAN, MY voice vibrating across Dante’s cock as he thrust deep in to my throat. He grips my hair, watching as I take all of him. Kase kneels behind me, fucking my ass as Lucian lies beneath me, keeping in sync with Kase, hitting me exactly in all the right places.

“Damn, I need another fucking turn. You are so sexy, darlin’. I can’t get enough of you.” Elias reaches his hand between me and Lucian, feeling around until he can rub my clit.

He uses a shock of power against my ring, and my whole body tenses with what feels like the millionth orgasm today.

“None of us can,” Cassius says from my other side, stroking his fingers across his cock. Micah, Zade, and Andre all lay around us, watching the show, their bodies sparkling with lube, toys scattered around the bed.

If I didn’t know any better, I think we’ve been at it for a century at least. It might have just been a day or so. The amazing thing about our love for each other and how bonded we are is that no one is ever left out and we can rotate. But right now? The twins are hanging with Tamia and Gia. Their relationship has grown into something amazing, and I love having them around to help. The devils appreciate it too.

I gasp, another orgasm shocking me. Screaming, I arch my back as a wave of power and light illuminates my room, shaking the foundation of our world.

The act alone is enough to set all of the devils off at once, and I feel warm liquid splashing across me.

“Damn, angel-girl. When did you learn how to do that?” Kase asks, resting his cheeks against my spine, sandwiching me to Lucian.

I relax my body and just feel the sensation of both of their hearts pounding against me.

Dante slides his cock from my throat, and I lick my lips, the taste of his intoxicating cum sending tingles over my body. “She’s been holding out on us.”

I laugh and snuggle my face into Lucian’s throat. “You can thank Andre for that. He taught me how to channel his energy. Now all of your cocks are going to feel what it’s like to come as much when I do.”

Elias laughs. “Are you sure you want that kind of mess, darlin’?”

I grin and nod my head, closing my eyes and manifesting all of us into a giant tub with bubbles and hot water like the devils enjoy. “Hell yeah. It means more bubble baths. I could live in this tub forever.”

Micah hums under his breath. “So can I. Come here. Sit on my lap.”

I laugh and splash him with bubbles, knowing if I even get close to any of them, it could be another couple of days before we make our way back to the Mortal Realm. “Next time. I miss my babies.”

Elias shoots power around us, shifting the plane until I find myself squished in a tub between him and Micah with the rest of the devils sitting on their asses, dripping wet on the tile floor of his bathroom in the Mortal Realm.

I cackle, clapping my hands, loving seeing everyone naked and hard and soapy. It’s so fucking hot.

If I didn’t hear the most musical laughter, I would launch myself out of the water and on top of them, continuing our fuck pile the way everybody likes.

Micah reads my mind and wraps a towel around me, picking me up to carry me over the other devils. We dodge around them, making it from the bathroom and to his room.

My heart races as a second bout of the sweetest laughter I’ve ever heard chimes around me.

The devils follow behind us, not even bothering to get dressed. I remain in a towel, and Micah rushes to the nursery in our mansion.

He stops in the doorway, and I wiggle from his arms and watch as Arabella and Mateo sit before Tamia as she covers her eyes and flashes them the demonic façade that she can still summon. They clap their hands and giggle, loving every second of this game, and I stride forward, sneaking up on them from behind.

“She’s so funny, isn’t she?” I say, smiling at my cousin as I kneel behind them.

Arabella stretches her chubby arms first, squealing at the sight of me. Tamia ruffles her fingers through Mateo’s soft hair, and she winks at me before vanishing.

I whisper my thanks, and scoop up the twins, snuggling close. “Did you miss us? We missed you.”

I let both of them slobber me with kisses, loving every second of their affection. The rest of the devils join us on the ground, now dressed by their power.

The twins wiggle away from me and latch on to Zade next, kissing him first and setting his whole body aglow with their light. It crawls through the rest of us, and I savor the warmth they bring.

“They are so perfect, aren’t they?” Dante asks Kase, leaning in and kissing the top of Mateo’s head.

“Just like their mama,” Andre says, kissing my shoulder.

“Don’t forget they have a part of you all too.” I smile, looking at each of my devils in their beautiful gazes.

I never expected my eternity to begin like this, but I couldn’t have asked or prayed for anything better.

This truly is eternal paradise.

The most perfect place we could ever be.

The End

Author Note

Thank you so much for traveling to Hell and back and finally finding the perfect balance with Raven and her devils. This series was incredibly fun to write, and I hope to one day explore more of the Seven Sinners of Hell’s Kingdom world. And who knows, maybe Daddy Dante will return as my muse for more Kink Express adventures.

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See you in Purgatory!


Ginna Moran