Lord Tristram’s Love Match by R.R. Vane

Chapter 6

Present time, 1174

In her bedchamber, Judith stirred from her memories at the sound of Tristram’s voice. Tristram’s voice, which had always been gentle and soft in her memories, was now simply hard and flinty. A beautiful voice still, even in its flintiness.

“Come here, wife,” Tristram said patting his lap, and there was no doubt in Judith’s mind concerning what he meant to do.

She heaved a heartfelt sigh, but obeyed his command, because it was true she now lived on his sufferance.

He hoisted her skirts to look upon her and Judith blushed scarlet as he did so. She knew her bottom was still striped with pink, but as evening had neared, it had begun to smart less fiercely than it had this morning after his ministrations. She sighed again, fully knowing that this blissful state wouldn’t last long because her now stern husband meant to chastise her, just as he’d promised.

“Still sore, wife?” he asked in a soft voice, as he was sliding his calloused palm over the skin of her bare bottom and thighs.

“Why are you asking me this? Do you care?” she countered, knowing whatever she uttered, he would still spank her.

He laughed cruelly, saying, as if he’d guessed her very thoughts, “To be sure, for these words, I’ll spank you even harder.”

Judith gnashed her teeth, to prevent the retort which sprang on her tongue.

“What? No further words of defiance?” Tristram asked, brushing his fingers tantalizingly over her buttocks.

Judith supposed what she did next would not lighten her punishment, but she just couldn’t help herself. She cursed, foully, because Tristram’s fingers kindled a shameful, powerful sensation inside her quim, even if he’d not even touched her there.

“Ah,” Tristram said in full, grim satisfaction, and he proceeded to spank her soundly with his hand, soon putting a fire in her behind which first matched, and then even surpassed the one she’d felt this morning.

The spanking left her weak-kneed and crying, but that powerful, shameful feeling inside her quim became even more maddening. When Tristram finally let her off his lap, Judith rubbed her bottom frantically, although, in truth, it was not only her bottom she wanted to rub. She desperately wanted to touch herself between her legs, to ease the shameful, powerful fire her husband’s spanking had kindled there.

As before, Tristram sat watching her with avid dark eyes which looked both hard and warm.

“Be thankful I spared you the belt,” he said lazily.

Judith couldn’t help but glare at him, feeling the insane urge of both strangling him and of begging him to thrust inside her and give her release.

Tristram cocked a dark eyebrow.

“Yet I see you’re not thankful for it.”

His eyes seemed to be searching around the room, and Judith prayed fervently he wasn’t looking for that accursed belt.

“I-I’m thankful for it, husband,” she muttered reluctantly, through gritted teeth.

“Oh, are you?” Tristram asked making his voice a silky caress, and Judith knew she could no longer keep the rein of her temper.

“You love this – tormenting me!” she spat.

“Yes,” Tristram said tersely, but Judith now perceived the odd, strained note in his voice she had heard before when he’d confirmed he’d kept her on for revenge.

It was however with relief that she saw he hadn’t fetched the belt. Instead he ordered her to lie on her elbows and knees in their bed, and he knelt behind her. Judith began to wonder frantically if he had more punishment in store for her, but she gasped in sheer mortification as she swiftly understood he’d bent his head to unashamedly lick her sex in that undignified position, with her bottom thrust towards him.

“So very wet already – gushing,” he muttered, and his voice no longer sounded hard, but warm, just like the voice of the Tristram whom she recalled from their first days of marriage.

Judith simply moaned when his tongue thrust inside her. It was a humiliating position and what he was doing was certainly sinful. Yet Judith decided she’d already received chastisement for her sins. And soon her husband’s sinful tongue began to lick not only her quim, but also her poor chastened bottom. She’d nearly already climaxed with the sheer pleasure of what he’d done, when he finally deigned to grab her hips and rub his engorged cock against her bottom and sex.

“I should have spanked you on our wedding night, wife,” he said softly, when she thought she would start begging him to claim her. “It would not only have taught you to mind me, it would have made your quim gush for me. Just as it’s gushing now.”

So he’d already perceived her shameful, twisted enjoyment of what he’d done. Judith’s cheeks began to burn even more deeply, but soon she had occasion to focus on a different kind of fire. She nearly climaxed as soon as he plunged swiftly inside her from behind. He thrust hard, going in and out of her, as his front was making slapping contact with her freshly spanked rear. A fierce pleasure in her sex, and a fierce burn in her bottom. Judith soon forgot herself entirely, and she forgot to feel ashamed. She climaxed, but he didn’t seem to care, still thrusting inside her with a vengeance, and, after a while, Judith’s body melted again into a frenzy of pleasure, just as he shouted his own release, spilling his hot seed inside her.

They both collapsed, spent, but Judith could only lie on her belly, because her spanked bottom still tingled fiercely.

“I know now how I erred when we were newly married. I should have treated you harshly from the start. I was too gentle,” Tristram said in a savage voice.

And suddenly Judith had the urge to weep at his words. She breathed in deep, trying to contain her anguish.

“What? Is there nothing you wish to tell me now, wife?” he tossed, as he was wiping his cock with the bed sheet.

“What is it that you wish me to tell you?” Judith asked wearily, as she rose to clean herself.

She supposed he would spank her anew for her defiance, but she was too spent and now past caring. What had gone on had shaken her too deeply. And his words – the bitterness with which he’d spoken them… They hadn’t sounded like the words of a man set on cold revenge for his hurt pride. They’d sounded like the words of a man who’d been deeply hurt. But how could this be? Tristram had never had genuine regard for her. She had been just his plaything.

“I wish…” Tristram’s voice was just an angry whisper, and he suddenly fell silent.

Judith felt too spent and weary to ask him what he’d meant. When she came back to bed she just lay on her belly, in sheer exhaustion, not caring if her husband might have further punishment in store for her. Hazily, when she was dozing off, she felt a blanket coming to cover her, and, in the nearing slumber, she nearly smiled as she spoke the name of the man she’d in truth, never stopped loving madly, not even when she’d tried to deceive herself.

“Tristram,” she whispered just before she was fast asleep.