Dragon Unearthed by Ishabelle Torry

Chapter 6


I nod my head yes, knowing I can’t verbally speak in my creature form. Once we are mated though, we will be able to communicate via telepathy. Until then, nods and gestures are all we have. She stares up at me, her eyes wide and full of unshed tears. I can sense she’s terrified of me, yet at the same time, enamored. Aside from the large marine life this planet hosts, I suspect she’s never seen a land species as sizeable as me in her life. She stumbles a few steps backwards, but doesn’t try to run.

“Holy shitballs…you have wings, and claws with talons…and scales and”—she draws in an exaggerated breath and gulps hard—“you’re a fucking dragon!” She runs a hand through her sweat soaked hair. “Oh wow…The cave I was in! There was a prehistoric painting of a dragon on the wall. Is that you?”

Once again, I nod.

“All across the world there are paintings and carvings of dragons. Are they all you?” She gasps, bringing a hand to her mouth. “Just how many of you are there?” she then asks.

She has so many questions that I can’t answer, not in my creature form at least. I sniff the air, inhaling her scent. I no longer detect fear. I paw at the ground in front of her and shake my head from side to side. She watches me intently, as if trying to decipher what I am saying. Ever so gently, I nuzzle my nose against her shoulder, pushing her back toward the tent. I can’t change back until I am certain she won’t try to run again.

“What do you want?” she asks.

I nudge her again, this time, a little more firmly.

She looks over her shoulder. “Are you asking me to go back inside the tent?”

I nod.

A smile overtakes her mouth, and she is more stunning than ever. The need to claim her as mine shoots through every inch of my body. “Fine,” she ultimately agrees. “But only if you promise to answer all my questions.”

Although leery to trust she’ll stay put, I lower myself to the ground and begin the transformation back to my humanoid form. I can hear her feet shuffling in the sand as she backs up. The crack and pop of bones realigning fill the nighttime air as I morph. My skin stings as my scales soften and take on a more flesh-like appearance. Once finished with the shift, I push myself back up onto two legs and give my body a thorough shake to chase away the stiffness from my limbs. I’m relieved to see she hasn’t run off. “Now, shall we continue our discussion inside?”

Her eyes sweep over my nudity, and she grins as she motions toward my lower half. “Pants first, big boy.”

Like before, I press the communique device attached to my skin behind my ear, and a pair of pants materialize. “Acceptable?”

“Yup,” she agrees, then narrows her eyes. “How did you do that?”

I point behind my ear. “My communique is equipped with all kinds of functions. It’s mostly used for language interpretation, but survival mode allows me to create clothing, and a few other basic essentials for an emergency. It does have a limited supply though.”

“I see,” she says as she moves in a bit closer to peek behind my ear at the device. “That’s remarkable.” Her nearness excites me, and my flanges wriggle. She jumps back. “You do have tentacles!”

“They’re called flanges. And they help me breathe by filtering unwanted gases from the air. Such as too much oxygen, which this world is rich in.”

She reaches out, licking her lips as she focuses hard, and it’s all I can do not to pull her into me and offer the grand tour of my body should she so desire it. “Can I touch one?” she asks softly.

Winking, I can’t help but reply, “Only if I can touch something of yours.”