A Stern Lord for My Lady by R.R. Vane


The lady sniffed, her eyes now blurry with tears. Her bottom stung, but she didn’t have the courage to rub it. She had tried to do so earlier, and that had earned her a second trip on her punisher’s lap.

The lord who’d punished her studied her with a faint smile on his lips.

“You have only yourself to blame for it, my lady. I’ve only given you what you were asking for,” he said.

The lady nodded, wiping her tears. He was right. Wasn’t she fully responsible for this?

“Turn around and hoist your skirts,” the lord knight said in a stern voice.

She widened her eyes at him. Hadn’t he, only moments ago, straightened her skirts after the stinging spanking he’d delivered? She glanced at him warily, but he kept the same stern expression upon his face. She did not dare disobey him, so she did as he’d commanded, beginning to ask herself frantically if he meant to deliver further punishment on her bottom. Would he use something other than his hand now? Something that would sting even worse than the sound hand spanking he’d delivered? Maybe that switch he’d cut from the apple tree in the yard, and which, she knew too well, lay in its corner by the door...

Her lord perused her at leisure. The lady didn’t dare turn her head to look at him, but she knew his fine hazel eyes were glancing upon her bottom and upper thighs, which had been thoroughly spanked and must be a good shade of red. Moments passed, and she found herself holding her breath. Was he satisfied with the spanking he’d given her, or would he resolve he needed to spank her again?

“So, my lady,” he said softly, after a while which seemed to her like an eternity. “Here we are now. You have certainly been spanked, but the question still remains, have you been spanked soundly enough?”