Her Darkest Devils by Ginna Moran

Chapter 1


Go to Hell

“THERE WERE WARDS set against the divine not unlike the ones that disallow me from entering this estate. I’m sorry, Raven. I could only get within the block without Lucifer’s notice. He set them up and would know if I crossed.” Zade ruffles his hand through his blond hair, balancing on the outer ledge of the balcony.

I blink a few times, trying to keep my wave of emotions in check. This is so fucked up. How could the bastard get away with this? “I don’t care if he notices or not. It’s not like he could do much about it. You could’ve—”

“Raven,” he says, cutting me off. Lines cut across his forehead with his frown. Damn pouty angel. “I don’t think you understand. I’ve interfered enough with Hell’s affairs. I shouldn’t have even come here tonight. I’ve risked a lot, so please, accept that I’ve done all that I’m comfortable with. I have the nearest streets memorized, which you can pass on to your soul keepers. They can handle things from here.”

His glassy eyes plead with me to understand, but my wild frustration burns through me. How can I understand? My soulmate and my eternity are both in jeopardy because of this. He made me a deal and hasn’t kept good on his word.

“You’ve done nothing! I knew I should’ve confronted Lucian when I had the chance. Fought him. Done something besides trust that you could’ve helped me. This is your fault. He’s off doing some shit, and you wasted my chance.” I swivel on the balls of my feet, unable to face him. “You angels find such mercies impossible to give.”

Anger boils under my skin the longer I stare at the heavenly glow radiating from Zade in his reflection on the glass door. I can’t look into his sad eyes. He looks so pathetic, and because of his inability to do something more than spy, I might be doomed. I might never see Elias again. My heart hurts thinking about it. Even though it’s only been an hour, knowing he isn’t asleep in his room but possibly being tortured by his previous demonic master sends panic squeezing my heart. I know what Vincent is capable of. He’ll do things that’ll make Elias want to die.

“Raven, please look at me,” Zade murmurs, the light reflecting from his wings brighter as he inches closer. He risks stepping onto the balcony. “Maybe if you allow me to use your Hell-touched soul to go to Andre—”

Spinning around, I shove my palms into Zade’s chest. “Get the fuck out of here. I have too much at stake to let you use me. Andre doesn’t even want to see you. He told me so.”

Zade’s eyes glass over, and I steel myself to his sorrow. I know I’m acting like a bitch, but I don’t have time to deal with angels who are no help to me. Elias is my priority and I can’t lose him.

He tightens his jaw, refusing to budge another foot despite my efforts to push him off the balcony. “Please, Raven. I’m lost without knowing he’s okay. Cassius—”

I narrow my eyes and jab him in the chest with my finger. How dare he try to make me pity him. Is he so naïve that he doesn’t understand what a little give and take means? Only finding a half-assed location for Elias does not even compare to what he asks of me. “Fuck you. Fuck Cassius.”

Surprising me, Zade grabs my hand, tightening his fingers to stop me from running inside to slam the door in his face. “Give me something else I can do. I know this is unfair of me to request, but there has to be something else I can help with.”

I study his blue eyes, half-expecting firelight to burst across his irises. He sounds a bit more devilish than angel. Desperate. Is that enough to make him jump from grace? I don’t know. It might if I just keep giving him a push and withhold what he wants. I’m willing to try anything.

But his eyes remain glossy and blue. Disappointment washes through me that it doesn’t happen like I want. I should know better than to think things could be that easy. If anything, they’re only going to get harder than Kase and Dante’s morning woods.

Zade’s light illuminates the world around us, bathing me in a heavenly glow. It stings my skin the longer I stand in front of him, using my furious silence to make him uncomfortable. Usually, the angelic light doesn’t faze me, but I think with Lucian’s presence here in the Mortal World things have shifted a bit. I’m more sensitive.

I shiver and hug my arms around me. Now I’m only torturing myself. “If you want me to even consider allowing you to see Andre, there is one thing you can do.”

“I can’t jump from grace,” he says, pursing his lips. His wings twitch, and he reaches up and touches them like he must assure himself they’re still there and the same.

“Things would be a helluva lot easier on us if you just did, but that’s not what I need from you. I need you to find Kase, Dante, or Micah. I’ve tried calling for them, but they’re not here. Lucian steals my phone during our time, so I can’t text them either. If you can find them—”

A low growl sounds through the air from behind me. Micah’s familiar protectiveness kicks my heartbeat into chaotic thrums, and I spin on the balls of my feet to catch sight of him filling the doorframe to Lucian’s suite without entering. No one is allowed within Lucian’s quarters except for me unless they want to get in a fight. And with hours left on my time, I don’t think Micah will. Lucian could take shit out on me.

Another growl escapes Micah’s mouth. “Leave, savior! Don’t make me fight you.”

Zade launches into the air without a word, disappearing before Micah can threaten to tear his wings off next. I suck my bottom lip into my mouth and slowly look from the sky to Micah’s fiery gaze. The orange in his eyes disappears, bringing back the beautiful brown color, and I offer him a smile.

He doesn’t return it, glowering.

I can’t hide my pout. “Hey, I—”

“Raven, you must be careful opening yourself to another angel while you’re in Lucian’s care. I fear he will hurt you if he catches you.” Micah’s muscles bulge as he grips the doorframe. “None of us are allowed a moment of your time. I shouldn’t even be talking to you.”

It takes everything in me not to flip my shit and destroy everything in Lucian’s room. Fisting my hands, I bite my palms with my nails. I don’t have time for this. Lucian has Elias.

I stride closer. “Fuck him. He’s not your boss. He’s your equal. You’re just as powerful as that bastard.”

A smirk tugs the side of his mouth. “I’m aware of that, heathen, but I’m also aware of your safety. I can’t risk it. I’ve agreed not to test boundaries. It’s not Lucian who concerns me as much as Kase and Dante.”

He’s full of shit and we both know it. A part of him still thinks of Lucian as the all-powerful devil tethered to Hell.

I stride closer to him, wanting to force him to come in. “None of that’s important right now. Lucian took—”

The room shakes and the putrid scent of Hell permeates through the air. I don’t have to look to know that someone opens a portal. I know it’s not Andre because it’s not his time, and he can visit my dreams. Kase and Dante don’t travel often enough by Hell portal for it to be them either. Which means the dickhole, annoying, stupid shit fucking bastard has finally returned.

“Fuck, he’s back. I’m sorry, Raven. We can talk about everything later. Maybe there is something I can do to make this less torturous for you.” Micah grabs the knob and swings the door closed, his last comment sounding as if it was intended for himself.

Rushing forward, I bang my hands on the wood as I hear him lock it from the outside. “Micah, wait. Please! It’s about Elias.”

He doesn’t respond, his heavy footsteps fleeting and fading. I rush to the balcony door and peek outside, watching the flaming circle vanish. I duck, hiding before Lucian catches sight of me. I don’t want him to know that I’m up. If he knows that I know about Elias already, he could do something rash like have Vincent kill him. Fuck, what if he’s already dead? I can’t handle this.

“Lucian, I thought you were upstairs. You know you shouldn’t leave Raven and Elias alone. Something could’ve happened to them while you were gone.” Micah’s voice murmurs through the air, coming from the backdoor below.

I squeeze my eyes shut, trying to suppress my raging emotions. Micah must’ve come straight to Lucian’s room after returning home. Of course he had. He’d have sensed Lucian’s absence, which is why he came to check on me. Micah’s telepathic ability might not break into the other devils’ heads, but it gives him an awareness of everyone.

“I can leave them alone if I want, and it’s none of your damn business about what I do and where I go. Now fuck off.” The backdoor slams, cutting off their voices from me.

Rushing toward my pile of blankets on the floor, I get to my knees and quickly arrange my make-shift bed, hearing something thud loud enough to be heard through the door. Something shatters next. I swear it better not be my favorite glass dick statue Dante had custom made of his cock for me.

Lucian’s voice rumbles and reverberates across my soul as he stomps his way down the hall in the direction of his room. “I don’t care what you think. You can’t see her or talk to her. I have another four hours and will do as I please. She will stay in my room and away from you. She is mine.”

“I was only offering to help. You will continue to push her away acting like this,” Micah says, remaining even in tone. “I don’t understand why you must insist on trying to keep her isolated. And sending us all out to ensure it? That’s not helping. We should be together to work through things.”

“You sound like a blasted savior. Do I need to remind you that you’re not?” Growling, Lucian turns the doorknob and hesitates.

“No, that won’t be necessary. Call me if you need anything,” Micah says. I was hoping he’d stand up to him, but he’s letting me the fuck down. “I’ll let you know when Kase and Dante return.”

“Actually, I do need something. I have a few souls that need to be marked. I want the bastards brought here to do so in front of Raven. It’s time she sees the true extent of my power.” Lucian widens the door a bit more.

I glimpse him staring at Micah standing a dozen feet away, since this room is at the end of the hall. Micah flicks his eyes toward me for a quick second, a blip of anger on his face. I know it’s not directed at me, but it doesn’t sting any less. He’s pissed about getting sent out again. I have a feeling it’s because Lucian wants to give Vincent more time to ensure we can’t find Elias. Fuck. I hope Zade comes through for me.

I flip on my side with my back toward the door. I clutch the pillow I’ve hidden a couple of useful things in to my stomach. At least it’s something. I obviously can only rely on myself in this moment, and I’ll do what I have to.

Micah groans, his voice louder with the opening door. “Yes, Lucian. I’ll do that, but beware. Raven—”

“Just shut the fuck up and go. You’ve stolen enough of my time with Raven.” Lucian’s words snap across my eardrums at the same time he purposely slams the door shut.

I startle and cringe, wishing with everything in me that my body wouldn’t have reacted at all. The bastard. He’s being loud on purpose. Holding my breath, I wait to see if he notices my movement. Heat burns across my back under the weight of his attention. I sense him studying me from a few feet away, but he’s so quiet now that it feels as if I’m actually alone. I hate being under his scrutiny.

And fuck. My nose itches, and it feels as if bugs crawl across my body. I want so badly to move.

This is torture.

“Raven, are you awake?” he asks, not bothering to keep his voice low.

I refuse to respond and remain frozen in my spot, clutching my pillow.

The ground trembles beneath my body. He purposefully stomps across the floor, testing me. Again, I don’t move. I concentrate on keeping my breathing even, hoping he leaves me alone.

No such luck. I hear him settling on the floor behind me.

A hot arm slings across my side, sending my heart thudding harder against my ribs. Lucian pulls me against his chest and blows a warm breath in my ear. I clench as he pushes his hard-on against my ass, acting as if spooning with me will lead to fucking me from behind or some shit. Right now, all it’s going to lead to is a punch in his junk—after I let him think he can mess with me, of course.

Easing my hips away from him, I slowly lift my leg until his cock stops poking me and slips between my thighs. He hums his contentment and tightens his arms, being the total perv that he is, testing my boundaries. He doesn’t have to call me out about fake sleeping, because I know he knows I’m awake. I can’t control my body’s reaction, the sensation of his infuriating closeness buzzing across my skin.

“Tell me you want it,” Lucian mutters, digging his fingers into my hip. “If you tell me, I’ll let you join me on the bed. I’ll make you realize that I’m who you want and need the most.”

I squeeze my legs together, trapping him to me. There is no way I’m going to let him use my attraction toward his darkness against me. He’s not my type of psycho. If anything, I’m only letting him get close enough for me to turn against him. He set us up. He doesn’t want Hell to rise. He wants Earth and Heaven and everyone in this universe to fall at his feet. He had a demon kidnap Elias for that reason. The only thing I’m going to do in this moment is force him to return my soulmate to me or face getting sent back to Hell. It’ll give me time to run.

“Sorry, that’s a no. I only like sweet psychos. You’re a controlling, sadistic asshole.” I whisper my words to ensure my voice remains even. Lucian could impale me with his horns—fuck, probably even his cock—if he wanted too, and I just want to make it through the next few hours, so I don’t have to be in this prison of a room.

“You enjoy being controlled.” His fingers leave my hip and slide along my pelvis. “You just want to believe you have a choice. Freewill. The gift from the Higher Power that disobedient mortals think is owed to them.” He presses harder to me, and I now realize he must’ve dropped his pants, because I feel the heat of his exposed skin between my legs with his tip right near my hand that I hug close to my body.

Fisting my fingers, I punch him on the top of his hand and cock in the same swing, stopping him from trying to touch me. He pushes the boundaries to extremes and will continue to do so unless I fight back. No response is a yes to him, which infuriates me.

“Don’t touch me,” I snap, thrashing away from him.

Howling a laugh, Lucian flips onto his back and watches me scramble from the floor. I wish he’d react with a little grunt to the pain I try to inflict, but hitting his groin doesn’t bother him. It’s like he loves it.

“You know you like it, Raven. Don’t be a cunt for the sake of being a cunt. Things would be a lot more pleasant if you’d give in.” Lucian stretches his arms, showing off his massive boner, now pointing at the ceiling. “I feel your soul and desires. You only resist because you know I’m right and you hate that.”

Goddamn it.

“Stop looking at my fucking soul. You’re so far out of line right now. Put your cock away and get off my blankets.” I place my hands on my hips and glower at him.

It would be nice if I had some power to prove to him that he can’t bully me into giving in to him. Who fucking cares if he’s hot? He’s intolerable on every other level. No wonder he got the reputation he did while Kase and Dante were left in his shadow.

“No, I don’t think so. Maybe I’ll just have a good time with myself.” Lucian strokes his fingers over his hard-on, offering me a wicked grin. “When I’m through, maybe then you’ll join me in bed.”

I intake a sharp breath, disgust and fury rushing through me. He just threatened to cum all over my blankets.

The edges of my vision shadow, and before my mind has a chance to process what my rebel body is doing, I find myself snatching my pillow from the ground. The contents I’ve hidden inside it rattle against each other, drawing Lucian’s attention to my hand. He tries to fly to his knees, but it’s too late. The asshole will pay for everything he’s done. For the position he put me in.

Flipping the top of the water bottle open, I squeeze it hard, sending a stream of holy water right into Lucian’s face. Real, legit holy water, courtesy of Elias. At first I was upset that he managed to sneak in a jug among his things, but now I’m thankful.

And terrified.


What the fuck did I just do?

Lucian hollers, his face burning and blistering from the gush of blessed liquid in his eyes. It’s enough to slow him down, and he misses grabbing me. Dodging out of the way, I dig my hand into my pillowcase and pull out the container of salt. I never expected I’d attempt to create my own summoning circle, but here I am, trying to remember the steps Elias taught me. I’ve only seen him do it once, and I laughed when he tried to teach me a second time, but shit. I pray I get this right.

Lucian needs to get his ass back to Hell.

“Raven, I’m going to fucking—”

I squirt him in the face again, shutting him up. I wonder how much holy water it would take to melt him, but I clearly don’t have enough to find out. And I’m running out of time.

The room quakes as Lucian’s true body explodes from his human façade, and I run around him in a circle, spilling the salt as quickly as I can. Fire erupts in his palms, and he chucks it in my direction, setting the pile of blankets on fire.

Thank God for small miracles. I needed a light.

Scrambling to grab Elias’s banishing candle, marked with divine runes, I hold it to the smoldering fabric, igniting the candle aglow.

“You’re dead, Raven!” Lucian shouts. “I will fucking destroy you!”

The floor shudders, and Lucian stomps his hooves, trying to knock me off my feet. I drop down and crawl toward him, clutching the candle for dear life. All I have to do is say the words and touch him with the blessed flame. If I can manage, a portal will open and swallow him whole.

“Lucian, Raven! Both of you stop!” Micah’s voice booms through the air, trying to distract me.

I ignore him and get within a foot of Lucian. “God, please help me. I can’t live with him like this. Please.”

“Micah, grab her! Stop her!” Lucian shouts, gathering hellfire in between his hands. “You have five seconds to get her under control, or this is it. I will no longer try to make this work.”

My heart hammers, the beats pounding in my ears. Micah says something, but I can’t hear him any longer. The world fades around me as I concentrate on my task.

Using my knuckles, I push the candle, rolling it on its side toward Lucian. “Ad quos eieci te ad infernum,” I whisper, hoping with everything in me that it works. That I said it right.

“Raven!” Micah hollers, transforming into his devil self, his gigantic body filling the room so much so that he must bend his neck not to hit his head on the ceiling. “Raven, run!”

The world quivers, the floor rumbling until flames burst through the air in front of me. I jerk my attention toward Lucian. My heart sinks into my stomach. It isn’t the blessed candle that sets the world aglow. It’s Lucian.

The candle wax seeps out from under his hoof, melted completely by his hellfire.

“Lucian, please,” Micah says. “She’s not ready.”


I slowly turn my head to meet Micah’s wide eyes.

“Let’s find out how strong she truly is.” Lucian’s clawed hands rip through my night clothes as he drags me off the floor. “If she makes it out, maybe she’ll learn her place.”

“Makes it out?” I question, my voice a mere whisper over the sound of the flames.

The scent of sulfur assaults my nose, and I realize what Lucian means.

“Please, Lucian,” Micah says again. “Raven, beg for forgiveness. Ask for mercy. Make a deal. Do something. Fight.”

But it’s too late.

Lucian hangs me over a portal to Hell.

He releases me.

Fire consumes everything.