God of Malice (Legacy of Gods #1) by Rina Kent

He raises a thick eyebrow, appearing beautiful, gorgeous even, but it’s the type of beauty that notorious serial killers use to lure their victims. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he kills for sport.

And that’s definitely the wrong thought to have under the circumstances.

It’s insane how I’ve often thought about death but when push comes to shove, I’m terrified of it.

The stranger from hell slides his thumb against my upper lip, sensually, almost lovingly, and it’s even more frightening. Because from the way he’s behaved and talked, I’m almost sure there’s not a gentle bone in his body.

“You’ll let me stuff my cock between these lips and fill your throat with my cum?”

My neck heats since I’m not used to being spoken to this way, but I lift my chin. “I’m not doing it because I want to. I’m doing it because you’re threatening me with worse. If it were up to me, I would’ve never let you touch me, you sick bastard.”

“Good thing it’s not up to you.” Still keeping his hand around my throat, he slides down his zipper with his free hand, the sound eerier than the crushing of the waves and the whooshing of the wind.

When he pulls out his penis, I try to turn my head the other way, but his grip on my neck forces me to watch every single detail.

He’s big and hard, and I don’t even want to think about what made him so hard.

Something warm presses against my lips and I clamp them shut, glaring up at him.

“Open,” he orders, his hand clenching my hair, allowing no room for negotiation.

But I hold on to the fight in me. To that glimmer of hope that maybe he’ll change his mind and this whole nightmare will be over.

I should know better.

A monster can’t be changed or derailed.

A monster’s only aim is to destroy.

“I can always use your ass and cunt. In that order. So unless you’re willing to soak my dick with your blood and lick it clean, I suggest you open your mouth.” He hits me across the lips with his dick and I have no choice but to loosen my jaw.

If I don’t, there’s no doubt that he’ll keep his word about the other option and I’m not ready to find out how far he’ll go.

How far he’ll escalate.

The tip of his dick slips through my lips and my stomach coils in short intervals. I swallow down the revolting need to vomit all over him and myself.

“Don’t gag when we haven’t even started yet.” He strokes my lower lips with that fake gentleness again. “You can enjoy this if you want, but if you fight, I suppose it’ll only feel inconvenient. Now, suck and make it good.”

He wants me to suck?

Fuck you. I’m a King, and we don’t get told what to do.

Despite the fear that paralyzes my limbs, my gaze clashes with his as I bite down on his dick.


With everything in me. I bite with enough force that I think I’ll cut his penis off and swallow the tip.

The only reaction that comes out of the stranger is a grunt and… He’s getting harder. I can feel him growing in my mouth worse than earlier.

But I don’t get to continue biting.

Because he tugs on my hair as if attempting to tear it out of my skull.

Bursts of pain explode all over my body, but that’s not all.

He tilts me back so my upper half is bent backward and he’s looking down on me with manic eyes that could kill.

He doesn’t pull out. Doesn’t even appear to be in much pain.


Maybe he really is a robot and I’m stuck with an unfeeling machine.

“Use your teeth again and I’ll switch to your ass. I’ll tear through your tight hole and use your blood as lube while your head hangs over the edge.” There’s a strain in his voice as he pushes more of his dick inside my mouth. “Now, fucking suck.”

I don’t dare to defy him. One, I’m on the edge, literally, and two, I have no doubt that he’ll keep his word.

Problem is, I’ve never given head before, so I’m completely out of my league here. But I attempt to suck the crown of his dick. If his groan of pleasure is any indication, my tentative licks seem to please him.

So I do it again, and again.

“You’ve never given head before, have you?” There’s an appreciative quality in his tone as if the wanker approves. “Hollow your cheeks and loosen your jaw. Don’t just lick, suck,” he instructs in a lust-filled voice as if he’s speaking to a lover.

I’m so tempted to bite his dick off completely this time, but the threat of actual death forces me to abandon the idea.

Instead, I follow his command. The sooner I’m done with this, the sooner I’ll be out of his deadly orbit.

“That’s it,” he breathes out, his tone loosening for the first time. “Use your tongue.”

I do, mechanically, not even thinking about it. I also try not to think about the position I’m in. On the edge, on my knees, about to fall back, with a maniac using my mouth to get off.

If he slides my body back even an inch, I’ll have no one to save me but the same person who put me in this position.

His hold on my hair stiffens, and I think I’ve used my teeth again, but I soon find out that’s not the case.

He’s done with attempting to take it easy. Or maybe he’s bored.