Empire of Hate (Empire #3) by Rina Kent

Shit. I don’t feel good.

I reach for my phone to call Dan. The numbers turn into blurry, wavy lines. I blink and fall against a wall.

I hit Dan’s number and the rings sound like they’re coming from an underground room. He doesn’t pick up.

Come on, Dan.

I try again, but the more time that passes, the hotter my skin becomes. My clothes feel like pieces of lava on my flesh.

I hit Dan’s number on my phone again. He still doesn’t pick up.

I remember that we agreed to meet at the car park, so I opt to wash my face and head out there.

My hand shakes while I clutch the phone and make my way down the hall, searching for the washroom. There’s something else Dan mentioned about tonight’s party that somehow flashes into my fuzzy head.

Don’t go into the pool house. It’s restricted access.

I don’t know why I’m thinking about that now. After all, this is far from the pool house.

Couples stand on either side of the wall, making out and whatnot. I push the first door to my right and stop. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh and unmistakable moans make me slam it shut immediately.

I try the next, and the next, but they’re all either locked up or occupied.

And I might have pissed off a few couples.

My clothes stick to my heated skin and my legs turn wobbly and weak, hardly able to carry me. A summer vibe song blurts from the speakers and buzzes through my ears.

A rush of energy washes through me and a weird urge to dance takes a hold of me. It's with effort that I resist the pull and continue on my way.

After a trip down the similar halls, I spot one of the football team's players following a girl out of an isolated room.

Thank God.

I run towards it as fast as my legs allow.

As soon as I’m inside, I head to the door on the right and almost cry with joy when it turns out to be a washroom.

The automatic tap opens, and I splash water on my face over and over, but there’s no extinguishing the fire expanding all over my flesh.

I know something is wrong with me, I just don’t know what. Could it be the cheeseburger I had with Dan on the way over?

All I know is that I need to go home. Now.

With one last splash of water, I trudge back to the exit.

I should’ve heard the male voices. I should’ve hidden in the bathroom for a bit more.

Hell, I should’ve never gone into ‘the room’ in the first place.

The moment I open the door, pale blue eyes peer into my soul.


The same king I was warned to stay away from. He’s watching me with a smirk and a glint in his eyes as if he found his next prey.

“Looks like a little lamb lost her way.”